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"It is done." Yelling, Ye Chen took one step, bounced high and elevated the unconquerable Tianque Sword over his head. It seemed that he nearly cut Mount Hua. All of the movements were simple and Ye Chen completed them in a short time.


The heavy sword pieced the air and vibrated.

Zhao Long hurried to lift his golden sword and transfused his vital energy to it.


Ye Chen hit Zhao Long\'s spirit sword by his Tianque sword.


Hit by Tianque Sword, Zhao Long, who stood straight just now, kneeled on the ground and heard his bones crack.


A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth.

It was eerily quiet now.

Only the breaths could be heard on the previously noisy podium. All the disciples were too astounded to move.

An intern disciple struck Zhao Long to the ground by his sword in one hit.

"You lose."

"Impossible." Screaming, Zhao Long wanted to stand up, with his legs quivering. But Ye Chen suppressed him by Tianque Sword.

"I can take your life now." Ye Chen replied coldly.

All the onlookers now acknowledged that Zhao Long lost the fight, as if they just woke up from their dreams.

The bet was Zhao and Ye\'s lives.

"Ye Chen will really kill Zhao Long, won\'t he? Disciple of the chief master of Diyang Peak though Zhao Long is, he can\'t live if Ye Chen cuts him by the sword."

"I suppose Ye Chen will take Zhao Long\'s life!"

"I am the disciple from Diyang Peak, you dare to kill me?" Raising his head and yelling, Zhao Long seemed not to realize his current situation.

In his eyes, bet and life were jokes. Even though he lost, he did not have to sacrifice his life because of the strong backup, which he could rely on and act shamelessly.

"If you take senior brother Zhao\'s life, our chief master will not forgive you!" The disciples cheering for Zhao Long shouted at Ye Chen, but no one dared to come up, fearing Ye Chen\'s capability.

"We agreed to bet our lives and he must die." Ye Chen responded gruffly.

"A fight is a way to learn from each other, and there is no need to corner your counterpart to death." Among the crowd, stood a female disciple, who glimpsed at Ye Chen and talked to him calmly.

The girl was born to be a beauty, with a pair of clear eyes and black hair hanging down like flowing rivulet. Her white dress flickered like a blossoming lotus flower. Anyone set eyes on her would long for her.

"She is Su Xinyue from Renyang Peak."

"She comes. I did not see her before."

Ye Chen turned his head and gazed at Su Xinyue, "Senior sister, if I am the loser, will you still say so?"

"It is hard for you to succeed if you yearn for killing others." Su Xinyue seemed to be composed. She stood in the crowd and pronounced Ye Chen\'s future, as if sitting up high in a leading position.

"According to your opinion, I let him go?" Ye Chen grinned grimly and oppressed his rage.

He was irritated because not only Zhao Long persecuted Zhang Fengnian, Hu Wa and the little eagle, but also Su Xinyue\'s manner resembled Ji Ningshuang\'s that both of them considered themselves superior to others and pretended to be sympathetic.

"I want to guide you to the right way, do not…"

"Do you have family?" Ye Chen interrupted Su Xinyue, questioned and stared at her with a pair of blood-shot eyes.

After being interrupted, Su Xinyue wrinkled her brows and did not know why Ye Chen asked such a question.

"If I hung your family and lashed them from day to night, would you kill me?" Looking at her, Ye Chen sneered, "If you would, then stop pretending to be sympathetic."

"You…" Su Xinyue\'s face turned into ashen-white after she was scolded by Ye Chen.

Levelheaded as she was, Su Xinyue was so angry that her breast rose and fell sharply. As the disciple of Renyang Peak\'s chief master and a princess of Hengyue Sect, she was never lectured like this, let alone the lecturer was an intern disciple at the first level of Qi condensation stage.

Standing on the Wind and Cloud Podium, Ye Chen lifted his palm with vital energy lingering around and looked at Zhao Long.

Zhao Long would die if Ye Chen struck him by the palm.

However, a strong energy approached and appeared on podium, transforming into a shadow with a fly whisk in hand.

The coming person was Ge Hong, the chief master of Diyang Peak.