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Zhao Long lurched while his face was kicked by Ye Chen.

"How can it be possible?" The disciples under the podium stared with their eyes wide open. That movement occurred in an instant, all of the onlookers did not see clearly and had no idea about how Zhao Long was kicked.

"Ye Chen, you deserve to die." Zhao Long thundered.

He just steadied himself, but Ye Chen already rushed to him.

"I will kill you." Zhao Long looked ferocious and threw his fist in the sunlight.

"Your fighting strategy is full of flaws." Ye Chen sneered, he dodged Zhao Long\'s palm by virtue of the tiger pouncing described in the Classic of Beast Wrestle and ran to Zhao Long in a second.

"If I come close to you, you will die miserably."

As a cold voice spread in the air, Ye Chen\'s blood circulation speeded up, and the forces oppressed by his meridians and bones broke out. He plunged one fist on Zhao Long\'s chest.


Thumped by Ye Chen, Zhao Long coughed up blood.

"How dare you…"

"How dare I…" Zhao Long had little time to react before Ye Chen hit him again.

Ye Chen\'s movements were eerie. He kept shifting his postures, and made full use of hands, feet, knees and shoulders. Ye Chen sprang like a tiger, jumped like an ape, captured like a lion and ripped like a wolf. The joints were his weapons. Zhao Long suffered one defeat after another with fist, palm and foot prints all over his body.

"What trick is it?" The audiences were astonished to see this, and Ye Chen\'s skills subverted their conception.

Where are splendid Xuan skills and wonderful movements?

None! Ye Chen beat Zhao Long and took advantage of him by basic wrestle techniques.


Zhao Long bellowed on the podium now.

Not long ago, he was arrogant and spoke highly of himself. But now Zhao Long, a cultivator at the fifth level of Qi condensation stage was in an awkward predicament, and struck by a cultivator at the first level.


The howling interrupted the noisy audiences. Zhao Long began to use secret skills, with fists wrapped by a virtual wolf head. Vociferous howling could be heard clearly when he punched.

"Wolf Fist!" The onlookers were eager to see the Xuan skill. "It is hard to imagine that the chief master of Diyang Peak taught this secretive skill to Zhao Long."

"Go to the hell!" Zhao Long cast a murderous look at Ye Chen and lifted his fist.

"Rushing Thunder Palm!"

As Ye Chen screamed, he raised his hand with thunders among fingers. The palm was overwhelming.


A rumbling was heard when Zhao Long\'s and Ye Chen\'s fists collided.


Zhao Long staggered backward and vomited blood.

"It can\'t…be." Stepping back, Zhao Long was stunned to see Ye Chen. He could clearly feel the tremendous strength from Ye Chen\'s fingers, which was not inferior to his.

Noted for its fierce attack, the Wolf Fist was one of the rare secret skills of Diyang Peak. Zhao Long won numerous disciples from outer schools by this skill.

However, he was defeated by an intern disciple at the first level of Qi condensation stage. It was difficult for him to accept the result.

Was Ye Chen really at the first level?

Now, not only Zhao Long, but also the disciples under the podium were entranced.

"What a strange guy he is!" Everyone looked bewildered and sighed in surprise.

"What? Are they still combating?" A group of disciples left just now, but returned when they heard the fight continued. They could not believe their eyes when seeing courageous Ye Chen.

How could they know his real cultivation base?

In Zhengyang Sect, Ye Chen could battle with demonic beasts when reaching the third level of Qi condensation stage, and fought against the rivals at human spirit stage when reaching the fourth level. His combat capability was much stronger than Zhao Long\'s.

Now, Ye Chen owned a huge elixir sea. His vital energy might be more than Zhao Long\'s. The refined body could be Zhao Long\'s match. In addition, with the help of the powerful Classic of Beast Wrestle, it was destined that Zhao Long would lose from the beginning.


Zhao Long\'s roars could be heard everywhere. But, no matter how angry he was, Ye Chen oppressed him deadly.