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Ye Chen sneered in front of the onlookers, "Senior brother Zhao, how about a bigger bet?"


Raising his eye-brows, Zhao Long grinned, "What do you want to bet?"



All the disciples gasped when hearing Ye Chen\'s answer.

How bitter Ye Chen\'s hatred was! He wanted Zhao Long\'s life.

Blood was often seen on the Wind and Cloud Podium, but betting on life had never been heard before.

Nobody expected that Ye Chen, a cultivator at the first level of Qi condensation stage gambled his life on this duel. And his rival was a cultivator reaching the peak of fifth level of Qi condensation stage. Was Ye Chen courageous or mad?

Zhao Long\'s eyes were half-closed.

He thought his bet was big enough, but Ye Chen\'s was crazy. A servant though he would be, the loser could keep his life. Gambling on lives was not a game. Carelessness might lead to death.

"Boy, do you know what you are talking about?" Zhao Long looked cruel. Compared with Ye Chen\'s bet, Zhao Long\'s did not cost too much.

"What\'s wrong? Are you frightened?"

"Frightened?" Zhao Long laughed loudly, but he stopped suddenly, set his eyes on Ye Chen in a sinister look, grinning mockingly, "I have already betted. You want to chase death, and I will help you achieve your aim."

With his words unfinished, like a strong wind Zhao Long rushed to Ye Chen. As vital energy wandered among his fingers, he stroke Ye Chen\'s head top.


Waving arms, Ye Chen swung Tianque Sword and blocked Zhao Long\'s palm.


The sword vibrated and buzzed when Zhao Long\'s palm hit it. Warded off by the sword, Zhao Long hummed silently, stepped backward and felt his hands numb.

"I look down upon you." Zhao Long said coldly and had to draw back because of Ye Chen\'s defense.

"You will die miserably if you look down upon me." Ye Chen replied and prepared to take Zhao Long\'s life. Swinging the sword, he ran to Zhao Long.




Tianque Sword vibrated and pierced the air. The onlookers under the podium were stunned and afraid to be hit by this heavy sword.

"How does the boy get such a great strength?"

"It is unwise for Ye Chen to pick up Tianque Sword as his weapon. As a cultivator at the first level of Qi condensation stage, he doesn\'t have much vital energy, but has to spare some to control the sword. In that case, Ye Chen not only consumes much energy but also slows down because of the heavy spirit tool." Some experienced disciples whispered and did not agree with Ye Chen\'s practice.

"But he can withstand three movements of Zhao Long. Ye Chen is not so weak."


A crisp sound interrupted the discussion. Tianque Sword dropped from Ye Chen\'s hand within five movements.

Now, some sighed and the others left the podium. There was nothing particular in this battle without any suspense except the scary bet.

"What can you rely on now?" Zhao Long shouted, took one step, and waved hands, with three energy swords following behind him. It seemed that he was confident to win Ye Chen in one fight.

Sneering, Ye Chen felt relaxed without the restriction of Tianque Sword. His blood circulation speeded up, his desire to win ignited and even his bones and muscles stretched.


Screaming, Ye Chen bounced high like a bomb being launched. When the three energy swords nearly jabbed into his body, he leapt off as promptly as a monkey and avoided the three energy swords.

The movement was the ape jump described in the Classic of Beast Wrestle.

Zhao Long was surprised to see Ye Chen\'s escape. He followed the three energy swords closely, but Ye Chen was above his head now. Zhao Long leaned forward, and it was hard for him to change his posture.

Everything happened in a second.

"Get down."

As Ye Chen yelled, he exerted all his strength and energy on his right leg, and kicked on Zhao Long\'s face.