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Chapter 25: Gamble on Lives(1)

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“What? The new intern disciple at the first level of Qi condensation stage wants to challenge Zhao Long?”

“The boy is bold!”

The news that Ye Chen was going to challenge Zhao Long spread among the outer schools of Hengyue Sect. The disciples absorbing the essence of sun and moon in the morning all ran to watch the fight.

The battleground was surrounded by disciples.

It was named the Wind and Cloud Podium, a place used for disciples to contend and solve personal grudges. The number of the disciples who lost arms or legs on the podium reached nearly a thousand.

Right now, Ye Chen stood upright and still on the podium, shouldering Tianque Sword, like a statue that never fell down.

“Is he Ye Chen? The new intern disciple of our sect?”

Discussion rose and fell under the podium. Most people pointed at Ye Chen and disdained when mentioning his age and cultivation base.

“It is said that the three chief masters don’t want to take him as their disciple. As a result, he becomes an intern.”

“He wants to attract three chief masters’ attention and be one’s disciple by challenging Zhao Long, doesn’t he?”

“I am 80% sure that he does.”

Ignoring their discussion, Ye Chen could not oppress his intention to kill, trembled and clenched his fists forcefully in sleeves.

“Zhao Long is coming.” As a voice came, Ye Chen turned back and looked at the endpoint of the crowd.

There, a dozen of disciples in gaudery robes from Diyang Peak encircled Zhao Long. All of them were so arrogant that everyone feared and made way for them.

“Hello, senior brother Zhao Long.”

“Hi, senior brother Zhao Long.”

Disciples stood along the two sides of the road all bent to Zhao Long and greeted him respectfully.


Zhao Long looked straight ahead and showed composure and presence of mind with both hands at his back as if he had been a superior sect elder.

He walked under the Wind and Cloud Podium in everyone’s gaze, cast a scornful look at Ye Chen, and sneered, “Ye Chen, I don’t go to you. But you come to me, are you courting death? ”

“Come up.” Overlooking Zhao Long’s bad attitude, Ye Chen responded with two characters.

“Who the hell are you? How can you treat senior brother Zhao Long like this?” Before Zhao Long spoke, a disciple cheered for him thundered, “You? Senior brother Zhao does not need to beat you up by himself.”

The disciple was going to come up to the podium but interrupted by Zhao Long.

“Junior brother Ye wants to challenge me, and I don’t mind to contend with him. Diyang Peak treats everybody fairly. We can’t break the rules of the podium, can we?”

Answering in a deep voice, Zhao Long swung his robe, stood on his toes and landed on the podium like wind breezed. A lot of female disciples shrieked and cheered for him.

Zhao Long put his hands at his back when hearing the scream.

He seemed to enjoy their awe and respect as if he walked on air.


Ye Chen stood opposite Zhao Long and unsheathed Tianque Sword. It pierced the air and buzzed.

“Come on!” With his words resounding, Ye Chen prepared to fight.

“Don’t hurry.” Zhao Long glanced at Ye Chen jokingly and grinned sardonically, “A tradition that people always bet on something before they compete goes from generation to generation. Junior brother Ye, don’t you want to bet something?”

Ye Chen understood Zhao Long’s meaning and frowned. What did Zhao Long want to win from him?

The two parties could make an agreement or bet on something. The winner could take away all the bets, such as spirit stones, spirit liquid, medicinal pills or Xuan skills. Anything could be used to bet based on the agreement of the two parties.

Ye Chen had been to the battle podium more than once when he was in Zhengyang Sect, and knew the rules very well.

“What do you want to bet?” Responding emotionlessly, Ye Chen glimpsed at Zhao Long.

“Loser will spend his whole life serving the winner.” Zhao Long smiled coldly, with a flicker of canniness in his eyes.

“The bet is …” Hearing the bet, everybody was startled. “To be the servant all his life, that means the loser will be sold to the winner. Ye Chen will suffer a lot.”

“Junior brother Ye, what do you think of the bet?” Zhao Long provoked Ye Chen and raised his jaw high.