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"I won\'t do anything." Snickering, Ye Chen rubbed his hands and edged towards Li Yu Liang.


Immediately, Li Yunliang\'s roar sounded.

Tut-tut! How misery Li Yunliang was that all of his belongings were robbed by Ye Chen with only an underwear left!

"Ye Chen, you dare…"


Li Yuliang was smacked and passed out without pouncing towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen linked his hands and swirled around, "Change."

At once, white smog puffed out from him and his countenance changed into Li Yuliang\'s. What would Li Yuliang think if he had been awake and seen the spectacle?

"Boy, have a nice sleep here!" Ye Chen patted him in deep sleep and blew some incense him.

Ye Chen explored the forest further for a long time, but did not find the three escapees.

They did not plot against Ye Chen anymore, realizing that they were not Ye Chen\'s equal. The four did not succeed in defeating Ye Chen, let alone three.




Snarls sounded and stunned Ye Chen.


Concentrated on the demonic beasts around, he did not found himself having stepped on something that should have been avoided and flew away in the blast.

Glimmering long arrows shot to him when he just landed. He fished out the Crimson Cloud Sword, waved his hands, and deflected the arrows.

The ground beneath his feet ruffled.

Spears glistening in grey light pierced the ground; a big net flashing in spiritual light fell above him; a giant wriggled its body, yelling.

"Traps are everywhere in the wilderness!" Abusing secretively, Ye Chen jumped up, wielded the Crimson Cloud Sword, slashed the spears and hacked the net.


The demonic beast arrived and opened its huge mouth.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

The head of the beast blasted in blood as he moved forward, punched and bashed it with Mountain Wrestle Fist.

Bloody smell aroused more beasts to surround.

"I cannot waste my time on you." With the Tianque Sword in left hand and the Crimson Cloud Sword in right hand, he hewed the beasts pouncing to him into two halves and dodged the traps with the Fast Virtual Shadow.

He scuttled for half an hour and paused.

Ahead of him were some disciples and he recognized them disciples from the inner school from their robes.

"We meet so soon?" He whispered and feigned submissiveness.

"Stop." A disciple in purple, leader of the group, shouted when seeing Ye Chen.

"Hello, senior martial brothers. I\'m Li Yuliang from the Diyang Peak of the outer school." Ye Chen was clearly aware that it would be better for him to mention the Diyang Peak rather than the Spirit Cores Pavilion.

The disciple in purple took out some portraits and found Li Yuliang\'s from them.

Ye Chen, astounded that the disciples from the inner school made full preparation, with records of the participants of the outer school.

"Why are you alone?" The disciple collected the portrait and glanced at Ye Chen.

"I fall behind." Ye Chen revealed an awkward smile.

"Have you ever seen Ye Chen?" The disciple in purple asked.