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Vociferousness did not cease in the forest enwrapped by grey smog.

Kicking away a puppet in black, Ye Chen hacked a path there and killed a dozen more of human level at least.


The ground beneath his feet quaked and formed a swamp to restrict his moves instantly while he took one step.

"Go to death!" A hideous smile sounded around him and a purple flash shot towards him.

"You\'re so impatient to kill me!" Ye Chen sneered, and placed the Tianque Sword in front of him to defend.


The purple sword light hit on the Tianque Sword squarely, and its force helped him to get rid of the marsh easily.

"Xuan Thunder Sabre Knack." A sabre was slashed downwards before Ye Chen steadied himself.

"Everything is planned ahead?" He was alarmed in case of being trapped, though the strongest among the attackers only reached the peak of the human core stage.


Ye Chen warded off by his Tianque Sword and nearly kneeled down on the ground, facing the sabre heading towards him.

"Jinghong Sword Skill." Chill sword energy of the third attacker pierced the air and careered towards Ye Chen\'s chest.

"Spring Thunder Finger." As the fourth attacker emerged and pointed at the back of Ye Chen, thunder sounded.

Other disciples at the Qi condensation stage must have lost their lives in such a situation.

But this would not occur to Ye Chen, who defeated Zishan at the true Yang stage even dying, let alone those immature ones at the human core stage.

"Tiangang Sword Formation."

Within seconds, Ye Chen took out the Crimson Cloud Sword and its sword formation showed up at once.



In sparks, the attacks from all around were prevented by the Tiangang Sword Formation.

"It\'s my turn." Ye Chen brandished the sword and pointed at one of the attackers, stabilizing the formation.

All of a sudden, the sword formation shifted into an attacking pattern, and sharp swords darted towards the attacker.

Panic, the disciple linked his hands in a flurry and gathered a thick shield in front of him.



The awesome attack formation broke the shield and jabbed several bleeding holes on the attacker.


The four attackers backed since they failed to end Ye Chen\'s life in this fatal trap, let alone confronting him. They would be defeated though in cooperation.

"Wanna escape?" Ye Chen stepped forward, and stretched his finger revolved by golden light.


A bloody hole was stabbed on the disciple in white running behind. Ye Chen charged towards him and threw out his palm—the Rushing Thunder Palm.


The disciple was battered away.

The other three did not dare to rescue him and fled in horror.

"I\'ll get even with you one day." Ye Chen did not chase them but came to the disciple named Li Yuliang beaten up by him. Coincidentally, he was one of the best lineal disciples from the Diyang Peak and not new to Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, what do you…you want to do?" Li Yuliang stumbled back and looked at Ye Chen with fearful eyes, aware that Ye Chen was a good revenger.