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Zhang Tao was afraid. He never expected that Ye Chen would be so heartless and destroy their cultivation bases. As the initiator of the evil, it was destined that he could not avoid the misfortune.

"Do you know who my master is? My master is Ge Hong, the chief master of Diyang Peak. Do you dare to hurt me?" Zhang Tao yelled. It seemed that he did not realize the severity of the problem and intimidated Ye Chen by his master.

"I tell you that no one can save you today." Responding coldly, Ye Chen broke Zhang Tao\'s elixir field.


Zhang Tao screamed sadly and now he became a wasted man to be ditched by his sect. What awaited him was a pathetic life. He regretted provoking Ye Chen and led to his own disaster.

"You will suffer 100 times more than Sir Zhang, Hu Wa and the eagle have endured." Ye Chen was so exasperated that he took three silver needles from the storage bag.

The needles were poisoned by the dead crooked old man. Their toxin was made of the extraction of insects\' poison. Ye Chen had tested the poison-tipped needles himself and found that people would not die immediately after being stuck but the intoxicated people would feel like being bit by insects. In Ye Chen\'s opinion, the needles fitted Zhang Tao perfectly.


As the toxicity spread, Zhang Tao kept roaring, scratched at his body and left a lot of blood lines.

"Please stop! Please!" Zhang Tao held Ye Chen\'s legs and said, "It is senior brother Zhao, Zhao Long who sends me to take away the Spell of Heaven Spirit. He wants that, and it is none of my business!"

"Zhao Long." A cold flash flickered in Ye Chen\'s eyes when he heard the name.

Ye Chen turned back abruptly and strode to the gate. Furious, he was incapable of suppressing his intention to kill Zhao Long and decided to have a duel with him. It was doomed that the fight would be harsh.

"I will make you pay for what you have done even at the cost of my life."

Now sitting on a high podium, Ge Hong taught his disciples the knowledge of cultivation.

"We should respect the heavens and the earth and put them at the No.1 place while cultivating. Vital energy is the essence of human and cultivators should focus on refining energy."

Under the podium sat Ge Hong\'s disciples showing reverence to him. Fearing their strict master, they bore each word he said in mind and never behaved carelessly.

Ge Hong stroked his mustache, glancing at the disciples.

The disciples looked him in awe and he also regarded himself as a superior master. As the ruler of Diyang Peak, Ge Hong loved the feeling of being respected.

"Zhao Long, I am waiting for you on the Wind and Cloud Podium!" A cold voice came to Diyang Peak and made everyone astounded.

"Who is challenging senior brother Zhao?"

"Is he the disciple from other two main peaks?"

"Nobody can win senior brother Zhao. He nearly achieves the breakthrough of the sixth level of Qi condensation stage. Besides, our master has taught him some secretive skills. No one can beat him up except the lineal disciples of the three chief masters."

Zhao Long already stood up and smiled jokingly. He judged the person to be Ye Chen from the voice he heard.

"Zhao Long, do you know who is challenging you?" Closing eyes meditatively, Ge Hong asked scornfully. Instructed by himself, Zhao Long was one of his best disciples. Ge Hong held confidence in him.

"Master, the one who challenges me is an intern disciple named Ye Chen."

"Ye Chen?" Ge Hong frowned after contemplating for a while. He remembered the day when he was in Jiuqing Pavilion and asked, "Is he the boy at the age of 16 whose cultivation base is at the first level of Qi condensation stage?"

"You know him?" Zhao Long was astonished.

"He wants to be a disciple of Diyang Peak, but I refuse his request. I never take a wasted man as my disciple."

"So it is!" All the disciples sneered, hearing Ge Hong\'s explanation.

"I think Ye Chen wants to join us and has to come up with this method to capture master\'s attention."

"What a plotter he is."

"Go ahead!" Ge Hong closed his eyes again and replied, "Just give him a little punishment; otherwise others will comment that the disciple of Diyang peak bullies the weak."