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To his surprise, his teammates were two disciples from the Diyang Peak, one from the Renyang peak and one from the Regulation Hall. All of them were his opponents.

"Shit." He massaged the center of his eyebrows in bad mood.

"It\'s your fate." Xie Yun patted Ye Chen\'s shoulder, joking, "You were born with bad luck."

All the disciples were divided into over fifty squads.

Disappointed, Ye Chen cast a look at his teammates. It was impossible for him to cooperate with them, who might stab his back.

"I have to count on myself." He abused silently.


As Li Daotong\'s order sounded, all the participants headed towards the wilderness.

There were more than fifty exits corresponding to the sign numbers in case of schemes among teams.

"Hey, good luck to you." Xiong\'er patted Ye Chen\'s shoulder with sympathy before leaving.

"Get the hell away!" Dismayed, Ye Chen kicked Xiong\'er.



Huo Teng and Qi Yue heaved sighs and marched towards the wilderness with their squads.

After other teams left, Ye Chen looked at his four teammates, who were grinning hideously at him, their eyes implying that, "Brat, wait and see how tragic you will be in the wilderness."

"A group of fools." Ye Chen swore at themand paced into the wilderness.

There stood majestic ancient trees, exuberant grasses and flowers, with misty spiritual energy revolving around, and in the innermost remained some pavilions faintly seen.

"How wonderous!" He marveled at the spectacle.


His teammates sneered and slipped into another place leaving him behind.

They plotted to get rid of Ye Chen.

"Better! I do not plan to be with you." He smiled coldly and strode into the innermost of the wilderness.

To his surprise, he did not see the four all his way, albeit not slow, and paused until a forest enveloped by grey fog.

"The four are fast!"He abused them in silence and walked into the forest.

The area of his visibility was only three square zhangs, since his eyes were clouded by the fog. As he explored further, the fog turned to be denser and even the surrounding one zhang ahead of him could not be seen.

"Where\'s the hell place?" Alarmed, he looked around but only found the grey fog, sensing a pair of eyes gazing at him.


A sword buzzed, pierced the air and rushed towards his throat, while he was to take a step.

Ye Chen, swift and sharp-eyed, leaned slightly and dodged the attack. He flipped his palm and punched the attacker, a puppet at human level, on the ground.


Another buzz arose behind him, and meanwhile swords around him vibrated. Over one puppet launched attacks against him sneakily.


Ye Chen unsheathed his Tianque Sword and swung it.



Within seconds, clash of metal sounded and four puppets were smashed though their bodies were as tough as iron.

"I must leave here now." He stepped forward after defeating five puppets.