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"Everybody here?" Li Daotong looked around and his eyes rested on Ye Chen for one more second.

"We\'re all here. Sect elder, please announce the start of the test!" Xiong\'er shouted and rubbed his chubby fists, eager to have a try.


Li Daotong nodded gently and answered in a deep tone, "You must have known about the wilderness test. I stress one more time, the Spells of Heaven Spirit, Heaven Act and Heaven Thunder are prohibited in the test!"

He fished out a glistening jade slip, continuing, "All the participants have jade slips printed with your souls. You may crush the slip if in danger or you want to give up. Its conveyor formation will send you out of the wilderness and you will lose the chance to enter the inner school."

"Get squads of five, and the teammates within a team need to cooperate."

"The test will last for three days. Anyone who won\'t leave the wilderness in three days fails the test."

"All of you are not allowed to kill others in the test, and the disobeyed will be punished."

Li Daotong took out a wooden box, "Come to draw lots. The participants with the identical number are in one team."

"Let me draw first!" Xiong\'er pounced upon the box, stretched his flabby hand into it and took out a small wooden sign after mixing in it for a while.

"No.4!" He glanced at the sign and uplifted it.

With hands clasped, he prayed, "God bless me! Xie Yun, Ye Chen, Huo Teng and my wife all draw No. 4!"

Except his wife, the other three were the most formidable.

"Useless." Xie Yun rolled up his eyes at Xiong\'er, paced to the box and fished out a small wood sign.

"What\'s your number?" Xiong\'er, concerned, leaned forward but his face crumpled at the sight of Xie Yun\'s number.

Xie Yun drew No.2.

Other over three hundred disciples stood in a queue to draw their lots.

"Wow! I draw No.2!" A disciple leapt high when catching his sign, because he was more likely to enter the inner school with Xie Yun as his teammate.

"No.6! Ha…ha…ha…I\'m in the same squad with senior martial brother Huo Teng!"

"Damn! None of my teammates are strong." Some cursed after checking their signs.

It was bustling here. Some participants were ecstatic that they were with superior disciples, the others were sorrowful for the unluckiness of their cooperation with inferior disciples.

Standing in the line, Ye Chen looked around and saw the participants of the same number gathering.

Xiong\'er\'s teammates included his wife and Qi Yue.

Generally speaking, all the squads were balanced with strong disciples and weak ones. A team made up of Wang Lin from the Spirit Fruits Garden and Xiao Jing from the Execution Hall was envied by many.

Ye Chen paced towards the wooden box in others\' discussion.

He grasped a sign, glimpsed at its number and looked around.