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"As far as I remember, he was a disciple at the first level of the Qi condensation stage. Now, he is a formidable cultivator." Many disciples sighed that their disdain of him was ridiculous.

"People cannot be judged from appearances."

"Over half of the lineal disciples from the Renyang Peak, the Diyang Peaks and the Regulation Hall were injured by Ye Chen. He won\'t abide by law and behave himself even in the inner school. Perhaps, the inner school will be turned upside down by him."

Neglecting the discussions, Ye Chen took steady and slow paces forward with the Tianque Sword. Others around made a way for him voluntarily and did not dare to belittle him any longer.




Jiang Hao, Zishan and Yin Zhiping coughed up blood, held by their junior martial brothers, and grimaced when seeing Ye Chen\'s shadow.

How pitiful the three were.

They were unlucky in the last competition. Afterwards they stayed in the outer school for another three years and earned their fame. Unexpectedly, Ye Chen emerged. At first, they scorned him, but now they were defeated by him, as if dreaming.

The three suffered a greater loss than in the last competition, and needed to remain in the outer school for another three years. It was hard for them to be understood.

What a caprice. They might be beaten up by other disciples as strong as Ye Chen three years later.


They snarled and were eager to rush down the mountain like mad dogs, blood pumping out from their mouths again.

Ye Chen glanced at the Renyang Peak, the Diyang Peak and the Regulation Hall, responding gruffly, "You guys ask for it and don\'t deserve forgiveness."

He strode to the Qin Kun Pavilion.

He was the last arrival. Xie Yun, Qi Yue and Xiong\'er along with other three hundred winners in the competition reached there in advance.

"Martial brothers, all of you are here!" Ye Chen stepped inside and greeted with folded hands.

"Damn! We\'re waiting for you." Xiong\'er showed up and tugged at Ye Chen.

Coughing hollowly, Ye Chen walked into the queue.

More than three hundred participants stood in lines before sect elder Li Daotong of the Qin Kun Pavilion\'s arrival. Ye Chen looked around and found several disciples from the Diyang Peak glaring at him with blood-shot eyes and gritting teeth in hatred.

"Why are you staringat me?" Ye Chen looked one disciple in purple up and down.

"So what?" Chin high, the disciple was haughty.

"I remember you. See you in the wilderness."

"I\'m afraid you go into the wilderness alive, but leave dead." The disciple revealed his hate.

Other disciples from the Renyang Peak, the Diyang Peak and the Regulation Hall dared to grin hideously, because they heard that the inner disciples dispatched in the test were their former senior martial brothers.

"It\'s hard to say who will be hit." Ye Chen sneered.

"Sect elder Li is coming." A shout interrupted the deadlock.

All the disciples stood in tidy teams and Li Daotong landed on a high platform ahead of them.