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At this tranquil night, deep roars never ceased in the mountains behind the Hengyue Sect.

Delving in the Wild Dragon Roar, Ye Chen already mastered the essence of the mystique thanks to numerous practices and the deducing of the immortal wheel eye.


As the last scream ended, he breathed out some turbid air.

"I\'m more likely to win with the mystique." He grinned, anticipating a wonderful test.

He summoned Zixuan after adjusting his breath.

Albeit one-armed and emotionless, she looked like a fairy bating in starry and moon lights.

"What a pity that a beautiful woman is refined as a puppet."

"Your lover will be heartbroken at his sight of you."

"If possible, I will bury you in peace. It may be the best destination for you."


To his surprise, the puppet beauty before him absorbed splendid starry light and clean moonlight automatically.

Her prettiness was breath-taking against the brightness of the moon and stars.

"What\'s up?" He could not help edging towards and swirling around her.

"How weird you are!" He placed fingers on his mouth and looked her up and down, grumbling in astonishment.

Coincidentally, Zixuan\'s seal was released after her refinement, resulting in the strange spectacle.

Ye Chen was unaware of that because everything was destined to happen.

He did not discover anything unusual and frowned, eyes glinting. Given his intelligence, he surely guessed that the puppet was not as simple as she appeared.

All of a sudden, his left eye closed slightly.

"Immortal wheel eye, open!" As he whispered, the eye was activated.

A trace of strange power emitted from his left eye which changed as profound as the vast starry sky and ocean. Especially the wheel sign, it was more mysterious.

"What secret do you have on earth?" He checked her with the immortal wheel eye, mumbling.

The puppet was the same as he saw her with common eyes, however, the brightness of star and moon taken by her vanished.

"It\'s so eerie." He rubbed his chin, turned a dozen rounds, but did not find any hints.

He closed the immortal wheel eye and sat on a rock in meditation with crossed legs.

A dim beam of light without being noticed flashed instantly in Zixuan\'s glassy stares at the second Ye Chen closed his eyes.

Two days passed rapidly.

In the dawn, many disciples from the outer school got up early and stood on rocks to overlook the Qian Kun Pavilion.

Today was the day for the test in the wilderness. The winners of the competition of the outer school only had the chance to enter the inner school after passing the test. If they failed, they had to stay in the outer school for three more years.

The test in the wilderness had been existing since the establishment of the Hengyue Sect.

In the strict test, at least half of its participants would fail according to the convention.

Ye Chen paced slowly from afar, shouldering the huge Tianque Sword, and caused a stir immediately among other disciples.