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"Attack one\'s soul! How profound!" He was ecstatic that a throng would collapse in his yell.

He realized that Chu Xuan did not deceive him, but gave him a formidable mystique. Xuan skills teaching the invasion of mysterious souls were few, and this one must exert unexpected effects if it was applied at a proper time.

He squashed his excitement and focused on his inhalation, immersed in the profoundness of the mystique.

Stars were dotted on the navy blue sky.

Tranquility enveloped the mountains behind the sect, where Ye Chen sat still like a monk in meditation and concentrated on grasping the mystique.

His eyebrows knitted and stretched over the period.

As he comprehended the mystique, he had a deeper understanding of soul force. The Wild Dragon Roar was about the attack of soul force and its power must be decided by the rank of soul.

What\'s more, the mystique required the soul force of its practitioners to reach the rank of spirit at least. Otherwise, his soul would be harmed by it.

Ye Chen was qualified to practice it.

Xu Fu once assessed Ye Chen\'s soul force and found that it reached the rank of spirit.

"What a powerful Xuan skill it was!"

"Manage vital energy, activate soul force, demonstrate the mystique in voice, and inflict heavy losses on enemies."

"The creator of Wild Dragon Roar is awesome!"

Grumbling, he opened his eyes slowly and imprinted the skill in his brain.

"How\'s its power?" He flipped, bounced up, and came to a rock wall.

Taking a deep breath, he closed eyes again and repeated the instruction of the mystique silently. His vital energy and soul force integrated and pooled into his chest after their activation

His eyes widened immediately and he howled.

The force gathered in his chest erupted and rushed out from his mouth.


His deep voice carried with vigorous dragon moan spread out and crashed into the rock wall, which quivered.


His dull hum arose; his head buzzed in stingy pain; blood and spiritual energy rolled; pain seared through his chest; his throat ached because of the strong sound wave.


"The skill is extraordinary." Deep in thought, he sighed in surprise and stroked his chin, seeking a chance to cheat Chu Xuan to apply more mystiques, so that he could learn them sneakily by the immortal wheel eye.

"This plan needs to be considered later. Now I should focus on the wilderness test."

"The test will not be so hard, thanks to the transfiguration, Wild Dragon Roar, my large elixir sea, the refuel core, the smog bomb and incense…"

The wilderness was vast and he had lots of means to deal with Zuo Qiuming and other opponents. Unexpected gains might be acquired if his advantages could be leveraged well. A sneer unfolded at his mouth corner.