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Ye Chen knew that he had to demonstrate his master of the transfiguration.

Giggling, he looked at the rope bound him while beginning to show, "Master, can you release me first? My vital energy is restricted by the rope."

"Let me have a look at your transfiguration." Chu Xuan waved her hand and collected the rope.

He touched his swollen face the second he got down, stretched his stiff body, and swirled around while linking his hands, howling, "Change!"

At once, white gas puffed from his body, and his face changed dramatically.

He turned into a muscular man with whiskers, a bare back and a menacing face, full of eruptive force.

"Master, see?" He turned around, satisfied with the technique that he learned sneakily, marveling at the copying and deducing capability of the immortal wheel eye.

Chu Xuan was stunned that an intern disciple at the Qi condensation stage commanded a superior transfiguration skill.

"One more." He continued changing, from an elder, a student, and a girl to a teenager.

Finally, he changed into the appearance of Chu Xuan.

"Boy, you…" Astonishment glinted in her eyes.

"Perfect." He uplifted his hand sometimes while circling and looked at himself. It was hard to judge who was the real Chu Xuan from outer appearances.

"So soft." He placed his hands on his chest and caressing his tender breasts as if stroking Chu Xuan\'s.

His behavior humiliated her and sparks of fury burned in her eyes.


As a loud smack sounded, he fell on the ground while stroking his chest.

"You dare to touch them!" She rolled up her sleeves, pinned Ye Chen on the ground, and pounded him.

"I did not touch you." He shouted, with face slapped.

After sometime, she patted her hands and took a deep breath, relief etching across her face.

However, Ye Chen was overwhelmed by bitterness.

"I\'m in good mood today. The mystique is for you." As she swung her hair, paced into the vacant universe in one step, a jade slip fell before him squarely.

He revived instantly, wiped his bloody snot, and picked up the slip from the ground.

"The beat is worthwhile." He chuckled while covering his swollen face. If being hit could swap for mystiques, he hoped to be thumped more. Perhaps Chu Xuan would say Ye Chen was so cheap if knowing his idea.

Moonlight shone down and he sat on a vine of an ancient tree in the mountains behind the sect.


The jade slip crumbled as he pinched hard.

Instantly, a beam of spiritual light darted towards the center of his eyebrows and transformed into splendid words with the bigger characters ahead—Wild Dragon Roar.

Wild Dragon Roar!

Absorbed in the words, he closed eyes, murmuring.

The introduction said that the voice mystique was about how to attack one\'s soul. The howl of the practitioner would pierce the sky if he was adept at its application.