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"I\'m available tonight. Let\'s have a chat." Chu Xuan careered towards the vacant cosmos and flew towards the mountains behind the Hengyue Sect, with Ye Chen in one of her hands.


Shrieks sounded from there.

Black and blue, he hung on a crooked tree in wind, while she was eating sunflower seeds under the tree with crossed legs.

"Tell me, how did you come up!" She asked with a great interest.

"Sect elder Lin from the Spirit Herbs Garden brought me back." He made up an excuse in case of exposing his secret.

"Fine, a good excuse." Chu Xuan nodded, grinning, "I will go to ask senior martial brother Lin, you\'ll suffer if you cheat me!"

Ye Chen was awkward.

"What\'s your decision?" Chu Xuan nudged Ye Chen with a small stick.

"I have a crush on somebody else." Face crumpling, he knew what Chu Xuan meant—marrying Qi Yue.

He transferred the topic before her words finished, "Besides, it\'s not urgent. I\'ll take the wilderness test in two days. It\'s said that some disciples from the inner school plan to ruin me. Master, please help me."

"Help you? How?" Chu Xuan shrugged, "You cannot ask me to take the test for you, can you?"

"Three disciples at the true Yang stage!"

"So what?" She snapped back.

He struggled, screaming, "Sect elder Xu has prepared spirit cores and mystiques for senior elder sister Qi Yue! But you teach me nothing and always beat me. Both masters, why sect elder Xu and you differentiate greatly?"


Chu Xuan chuckled at his complaints, "Boy, you\'re dissatisfied with me!"

"Of course."

"Tell me, what do you want?" She raised her pretty face and looked at him with blinking eyes.

Ye Chen replied in shyness, "At least a mystique!"

"If you told me earlier, I must have given it to you!"

He thought secretively: "Damn you! I should have asked a mystique from you and showed you how capable I am after mastering it."

If the words spread to Chu Xuan, she would thump him to death.

"How about this mystique?" Beaming, Chu Xuan changed into a handsome man and a Taoist priest after twisting around.

She kept changing her figure and countenance, sometimes a haggard elder, a humpbacked old woman, and a lovely teenager girl.

"Transfiguration, do you want to learn it?" She returned to her original look and cast a curious look at Ye Chen.

"No, I don\'t." Ye Chen waved head, because he already commanded it.

The immortal wheel eye was capable of duplicating and deducing the mystiques that were not too profound and made use of them. What would Chu Xuan think if she knew?

His answer went beyond her expectation, since the mystique was her careful selection.

She was not a reliable master in his eyes, but cared about him actually. Did she bring him here at night only to chat?

Certainly not. She knew the gravity he was about to face in the wilderness and chose the transfiguration tailored for him to aid him fleet from the besiege of Kong Cao, Zuo Qiuming and Jiang Yang.

To her surprise, he did not want to learn it!

"Transfiguration is one of the superior disguise skills. It can assist you to change countenances and figures so that you have a chance to escape from Kong Cao and the others\' block. I chose it for you after deliberation. You don\'t want to learn it? You ask for a beat?" Mad, she placed her hands at her waist, as if going to hit him.

Ye Chen spluttered, "I\'ve already mastered it!"

"You have a command of it?" Astounded, Chu Xuan stared at Ye Chen in disbelief.