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At night, Ye Chen ran out of the Spirit Core Pavilion and slipped into the Treasures Pavilion.

It was not enough for him to armed with only refuel cores and he had to prepare some necessities for the wilderness test in two days.

Pang Dahai came out upon his arrival and looked him up and down, with a click of his tongue, "You recovered over a day! What did you take?"

"Sect elder, please don\'t make fun of me. I come here for shopping." He whispered after confirming that nobody else was in the pavilion, "Sect elder, do you have smog bombs and incense to make people pass out?"

Pang Dahai raised his eyebrows, "What do you use them for?"

"I have my own purpose." Ye Chen coughed hollowly.

"You\'re plotting." Pang Dahai rolled his eyes, getting to know Ye Chen, a boy appearing to be honest, and placed a storage bag on the counter, "Check whether the content inside enough?"

Ye Chen giggled, opened the bag and peered inside, where lay only over fifty smog bombs and three bottles of incense.

"Not enough." Ye Chen shook head and looked at Pang Dahai.

"Boy, these are precious, you can afford them?" In disbelief, Pang Dahai stared at Ye Chen, asking in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "You use the smog bomb and incense to rob?"

"It\'s none of your business." Ye Chen took out a storage bag of spirit stones and other items.

Pang Dahai found Ye Chen\'s words made sense, as long as he made money, Ye Chen\'s robbery or theft had nothing to do with him.

He fished out one more storage bag and asked out of curiosity, "Enough? If not, I can give you more. You can get anything with sufficient money."

"One bundle of Immortal Bound Rope, two baskets of landmines, and three bags of white stone powder…"Ye Chen presented a note recording the content he wanted. Pang Dahai glanced at it and twitched his mouth in surprise, because the items were all used to rob.

"Sect elder, hurry up. I don\'t have much time." Ye Chen cast an innocent look at Pang Dahai.

Pang Dahai measured Ye Chen and patted his shoulder, "Boy, rob as more as you can." Ye Chen was speechless.

"Here you are." Pang Dahai thrust a large-sized bag into Ye Chen\'s hand and took out a storage bag with spirit stones from the front of his chest voluntarily.

"Sect elder Pang, watch out when you walk at night."

"Brat, the same to you." Pang Dahai nearly burst into rage, but Ye Chen already scuttled out of the pavilion.

Ye Chen stroked the bulging bags in his chest.

As Pang Dahai said, those items were used to trap others. He had no other choice but was forced to prepare them, since several enemies at the true Yang stage awaited him in the wilderness.

"Don\'t blame me. I\'m forced." He grumbled with the storage bag in arms.

He made up his mind to apply some wretched means instead of confrontation in the test to enter the inner school.

A gust of aromatic wind rushed towards him while he was deliberating.

Nose wrinkling, he spun around to escape, aware who the coming person was.

"Boy, am I so scary?" As her melodic sound arose, Chu Xuan showed up, waved her hand, and seized Ye Chen.


Ye Chen simpered, "Good evening, master!"

"Boy, you scrambled up the high cliff at a fast rate and returned from its bottom in less than one day. I looked down upon you. " Chu Xuan edged towards him and her smiling face and glinting eyes frightened him.

Ye Chen tittered.