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In the early morning, warm sunshine scattered over the Hengyue Sect.

In the Spirit Cores Pavilion, Ye Chen was gormandizing before a table, where sat Xu Fu and Qi Yue.

Stunned, they looked at Ye Chen as if seeing a monster. A stir would be caused if the news that a disciple at the Qi condensation stage refined a two-pattern core.

"Boy, you never read my recipe?" Xu Fu asked more than once.

"No!" Ye Chen replied while busy with eating rice.

"Impossible!" Xu Fu sighed in doubt, "You refined the core after watching my refinement once! Anyone gave you instructions?"

"Certainly not!" Ye Chen shook his head.

"That\'s weird." Xu Fu rubbed his head, got to his feet, and walked into the inner hall, whispering, "Am I so old that I lost intelligence?"

Qi Yue chuckled at the spectacle, "It\'s my first time to see my master speak highly of someone, including Danchen. Ye Chen, you gave my master a blow!"

Ye Chen lowered his head and kept eating in embarrassment.

Beaming, Qi Yue fished out a glistening map of a wilderness with detailed labels and hung it before Ye Chen.

"What is it?" Ye Chen put down his bowl and chopsticks and flicked a curious look at the map.

"It\'s the map of the wilderness." Qi Yue explained, "It connects the inner school and outer school. We\'re qualified to enter the inner school only after passing the test in the wilderness."

"Where did you find the map?" Ye Chen was astounded.

"Easy! It is not a secret and sold in the Treasures Pavilion." Qi Yue answered flatly, "The winners in the competition of the outer school are talented.For them the traps and demonic beasts in the wilderness are not hard to deal with. The real difficulty is the disciples dispatched from the inner school to examine us."

When mentioning the disciples from the inner school, she stared at Ye Chen, strangeness glimmering in her eyes.

"Senior martial sister, why do you cast an eerie look at me?" Ye Chen was awkward in her gaze.

"Do you know which disciples will be sent to the test?" She rubbed her eyebrows.

"You know?"

"Five disciples at the true Yang stage, thirty at the peak of the human core stage, and fifty at the ninth level of the human core stage from the inner school will join the test. Jiang Yang, the former chief disciple from the Renyang Peak and also Jiang Hao\'s cousin; Kong cao, the former first chief disciple from the Diyang Peak; Zuo Qiuming, the last chief disciple from the Regulation Hall. The three all reach the true Yang stage."

Ye Chen twitched his mouth, "I…I am going to have a big challenge."

"Yes, you are!" Qi Yue continued, "One senior martial sister in the inner school tells me that the three planned to disable you in the test. Good luck! "