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"What a high sounding statement!" Ye Chen thundered. Zhang Tao distorted his face and sprang to Ye Chen when recalling that he was wounded seriously by Ye, a cultivator at the first level of Qi condensation.


Zhang Tao waved his arms wildly, and his vital energy formed into a sword piercing the air.

Confronting the energy sword rushing to him like a tiger, Ye Chen did not escape. The energy sword left several cuts on his body. Compared with what Zhang Fengnian and Hu Wa endured, the injuries were nothing.

Zhang Tao\'s face darkened after he found that Ye Chen defended the energy sword by his body. Now Ye Chen dashed to him.

"You deserve to die." Screaming suddenly, Ye Chen rushed to Zhang Tao in one step with fists clenched. He did not use vital energy but the explosive force of his body and beat Zhang\'s face.


Zhang Tao tottered backward and coughed up blood, with his face twitching. Before he stood steadily, Ye Chen kicked him again and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

"Er…" The other two disciples were startled to see that. Beyond their expectation, an intern disciple at the second level of Qi condensation stage beat up Zhang Tao without vital energy.

"Kill him! Kill him for me!" Zhang Tao\'s roar interrupted the two disciples. As hair dishevel, he called his junior brothers.

"Let\'s fight against him together." The two disciples attacked Ye Chen from his left and right sides. Both of them applied their vital energy in their palms. The energy transformed into a dagger in one\'s hand, and a sword in the other\'s. What they used was the basic vital energy controlling method.

But these skills were useless in Ye Chen\'s eyes.

"Go away!"

The disciple at Ye Chen\'s left side was whirled by Ye\'s Rushing Thunder Palm and then flew away as Ye Chen shouted. He was bloody when falling on the ground.

Turning back, Ye Chen jumped up and ran to the disciple at his right side. He easily avoided the disciple\'s energy dagger, but broke the disciple\'s shoulder by one palm and hit him on the ground with one fist.

He kicked away Zhang Tao after beating the disciples. Ye Chen hastened to release four energy swords and cut the chains bound Zhang Fengnian, Hu Wa and the eagle.

"Grandpa." Hu Wa rushed to Zhang Fengnian the moment he got rid of the chain.

"Sir, it is my fault." Feeling guilty, Ye Chen blamed himself as he transfused vital energy to Zhang Fengnian. Zhang Tao might not act crazily but for Ye Chen\'s sake.

"Boy, don\'t blame yourself." Zhang Fengnian was aged and wounded seriously, but his heart and meridians were protected by Ye Chen\'s vital energy and his life was saved.

"I swear to keep you away from any harm in the future."

Ye Chen collected his vital energy three hours later. Zhang Fengnian would recover after rest for a few days. Hu Wa almost recuperated when Ye Chen finished transfusing vital energy to him. The eagle\'s wings were hooked, and moreover its old wounds did not heal, so it would take several months to revive.

Ye Chen looked pale and sullen after he healed them.

"We know that we have made mistakes." One disciple feared to be struck by Ye Chen again, and begged Ye to forgive him.

"You need to pay for your mistake." Ye Chen replied coldly, as if he pronounced a judgment. He lifted his leg and kicked the disciple\'s elixir field.


A shrill cry sounded suddenly.

"My elixir field, my cultivation base…" Screeching, the disciple covered his bleeding underbelly. He felt so painful that he sweated over his body. From now on, he was no longer a cultivator looking down upon the inferior but a completely wasted man.

Ye Chen walked to the other disciple.

"Please, no….no…" With a frightened look, the man crawled backward but could not escape Ye Chen\'s punishment.


Uttering a heart-rending cry, the disciple was kicked by Ye Chen on his elixir field. As his elixir field broke, his cultivation all vanished. He would lead a tragic life in the following days. The disciple could not bear the heavy blow and fainted on the ground.

Ye Chen turned slowly and looked at bleeding Zhang Tao.