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However, Ye Chen was able to complete the process while distracted.

Xu Fu caught Ye Chen\'s easiness sneakily many times.

"What a geek!" Xu Fu grumbled, eyes glinting.

"Green confederate rose, Yuyan flower." Ye Chen was about to plunge the two herbs into the stove, but was prevented by Xu Fu.

"Boy, I did not do this just now." Xu Fu bellowed, "Green confederate rose is water in nature and Yuyan flower fire. Are you sure it is safe to refine them together? The two are incompatible, aren\'t they? See? Stop your refinement, I show you the recipe! The mistake of any step will cause failure."

"I know that!" Ye Chen laughed, but still put them into the stove together.

"You wastrel. The herbs are dissipated!" Xu Fu was incensed.

Ye Chen chuckled, "Theoretically, they cannot be integrated. But core refinement resembles cultivation practice, and both of them stress the harmony of Yin and Yang."

He tossed a Xuan spirit herb into the stove smilingly, "It\'s mild in nature and perhaps can be used to neutralize the green confederate rose and Yuyan flower."

Xu Fu marveled at Ye Chen\'s explanation.

"Xuan spirit herb, green confederate rose, and Yuyan flower." Xu Fu mumbled, deep in thought.

"You\'re right! Why I haven\'t come up with the method?" Xu Fu caressed his beard in contemplation, "Water and fire are incompatible, but can keep Yin and Yang in harmony. The Xuan spirit herb can be used for neutralization. Wonderful!"

Surprise emerged in his eyes. He always refined according to the recipes\' instruction, and never tried this practice.

Ye Chen\'s words reminded him that he should break the convention.

"Seven star flower, bloody essence herb, snake salivary fruit…" Ye Chen cast other spirit herbs and fruits into the stove.

Xu Fu marveled at Ye Chen\'s practice. He was not Ye Chen\'s equal in core refinement while in his youth.

"He probably can refine the Xuan spirit core." Whispering, Xu Fu moved after remaining still for a long time.

As the refinement proceeded until the critical moment, Ye Chen immersed himself in it, sweaty and pallid. His soul energy was almost drained, though he saw through the profoundness of the Xuan spirit core refinement.

"Master, he really watched your refinement once?" Qi Yue looked at Xu Fu in disbelief.

Xu Fu nodded and failed to conceal his amazement, "Ye Chen outdoes Danchen and me in talent of alchemy. He is the match of the Core King who lived a thousand years ago."

"Core…Core King?" Qi Yue gaped at Xu Fu, "Master, you mean the elder nearly refined the empty darkness core?"

Xu Fu nodded.

How honorable Ye Chen was that he was spoken highly by Xu Fu and compared with the Core King!


Ye Chen\'s shout sounded. As he patted the stove, a green core flew out from it and into his palm.

The refinement consumed most of his energy. Enervated, he crumpled down the second he seized the core, but was held by Qi Yue fortunately.

"He made it!" Astonishment took hold of Xu Fu, who felt awkward that a teenager disciple at the Qi condensation stage succeeded in refining the Xuan spirit core!