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Ye Chen breathed deeply before the stove.

He infused his true fire and plunged three spirit herbs into it.

Highly concentrated, he coordinated with his soul energy, vital energy and true fire at the same time, and the herbs were refined greatly in the shortest time.


Xu Fu was confused, scrunching up eyebrows, "The boy\'s refinement technique grows more skillful recently. How weird!"

"Master." Qi Yue walked out from the side hall to Xu Fu.

"Here\'s the Xuan spirit core. It can be used to nurture you and develop your spiritual energy." Xu Fu presented the refined core to her, "I\'ll make other cores for you later. You\'ll need them after entering the inner school."

"Thank you, master." Grinning, she took the core and glanced at Ye Chen not far away from her, "What\'s he refining?"

"Xuan spirit core."

"Xuan…Xuan spirit core?" She screeched and looked at Xu Fu, "It\'s a two-pattern core. Master, you teach him advanced skills so soon?"

"I don\'t have time to teach him." Xu Fu glimpsed at Ye Chen and swore at him, "He wants to have a try. Core refinement is not that easy as he imagines."

"Let him try then!"

"The refinement of two-pattern cores is complicated, and any minute deviation may lead to failure. It\'s more difficult than that of one-pattern core. The boy is self-conceited. I need to find a chance to deflate his arrogance."

Qi Yue beamed without an answer and sat next to Xu Fu to watch Ye Chen\'s refinement quietly.

Ye Chen did not look that serious as their expectation, but relaxed, proficient at extracting the herbs\' essence and their integration.

"Elder Vacancy Jiang, I realize how indomitable the immortal wheel eye is." Ye Chen sighed.

"As I guess, the eye can duplicate the refinement and deduce others\' mystiques. It is capable of penetrating the profoundness at one sight." He murmured, as if discovering a storehouse.

Holding back his ecstasy, he threw several herbs into the stove again.

Half a shichen passed rapidly.

Xu Fu sat up and observed Ye Chen, whispering, "Impossible! The refinement is intricate, but he has not made a mistake yet! How talented he is!"

Xu Fu was startled.

Any tiny mistake of the refinement would result in failure. Ye Chen, a fresh man in alchemy, did not make any mistake!

What\'s more, he did not show Ye Chen the recipe!

Different from cultivation practice, refinement would go astray without the guide of recipes.

Ye Chen only watched the refinement of Xuan spirit core once, and did as the recipe said without ever reading it. Xu Fu was dwarfed by

Ye Chen\'s genius.

At once, Xu Fu got to his feet and paced gently to the stove.

"Sect elder Xu, please wait for a while. It\'s nearly done." Ye Chen controlled the true fire and cast a glance at Xu Fu.

"Focus! Core refinement is not a trivial matter." Xu Fu berated.

"Don\'t be so serious! I am concentrated!" Ye Chen pouted.

Xu Fu was paralyzed with astonishment.

It was a ban that alchemists could not be disturbed while in refinement. Though an experienced alchemist as he was, Xu Fu needed to be absorbed in the process.