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"Let\'s go!"

It whistled into the sky.

"Slow down." He bent over on it in case of falling down.

The true fire got a hang of him, slowed, and rose steadily.

Surreal at his first high flight, he looked down and only found floating clouds.

"I did not discover this function before." He stroked the true fire under him happily.

By virtue of spirit beasts capable of flying, cultivators at the Qi condensation stage and human core stage could fly in the sky; those at the

true Yang stage was able to fly with spirit tools activated by spiritual energy; those reaching the virtual spirit stage and above could fly by themselves.

The true fire turned into flaming cloud like spirit beasts and tools. To his surprise, it would not consume his vital energy.

"I can escape with your help if I\'m in danger."

"True fire, you\'re really a treasure."

"Rush to the sky." Adapted to the height, he leapt up, waved his arms, and pointed at the universe above him.

Roaring, the true fire like a golden flash careered to the cosmos, and pierced the clouds and smog, swooshing. Joyous smile bumbled up in Ye Chen\'s eyes.

Within one minute, he landed at the edge of cliff in the innermost of the Spirit Herbs Garden.


He took out a deep breath and turned to the true fire, "Good job! I don\'t know when I will climb back without you."

The true fire danced happily for the praise, swirled around him, and came back to his elixir sea.

He glimpsed at the place under the cliff again.

Over this wondrous night, Ye Chen met Vacancy Jiang, a legendary saint at the age of five thousand years old from the Immortal Clan and his immortal wheel eye. Everything went beyond his imagination.

How inconstant the world was!

"Elder, thank you for your gift." He bowed to the cliff, and twisted around.

Behind him stood slender Lin Qingshan, the sect elder of Spirit Herbs Garden and Xiong\'er\'s maternal uncle.

He looked at Ye Chen up and down in confusion and astonishment.

"Ye Chen?" He had an impression of Ye Chen in the competition of the outer school.

"Sect elder Lin, nice to meet you." Ye Chen walked closer and bowed to him.

"Why are you here? When did you come?" Lin Qingshan cast a bewildering glance at him, "I did not find you come in. Where did you come from?"


Ye Chen coughed in embarrassment, "Eh, my master is practicing cultivation under the cliff. She sends me here."

"Junior martial sister Chu Xuan is under the cliff?"

"Sect elder Lin, I\'m afraid I have to take my leave now." Ye Chen made up an excuse and fled.