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Chatper 224: An Unanticipated Discovery (1)

Translator: Huiting Teng Editor: Lucy

“You have a crush on somebody else?” Chu Xuan rose up and flicked a curious look at Ye Chen, “Who’s she? Is she a disciple from the Hengyue Sect?”

Ye Chen did not know what to say while facing her winking big eyes.

It would be awkward for him to tell her that he loved a girl at the virtual spirit stage looking exactly alike his master, and he already had an intercourse with her.

Neither did he know what to say nor did her want to tell that to anybody else due to his embarrassment and worry of revenge.

“Tell me!” Chu Xuan nudged Ye Chen with a wooden stick.

“Secret.” He took a deep breath, and replied.

She rolled up her sleeves.


Squeals sounded under the bottom of the chasm.

Until dawn Chu Xuan left furiously, leaving Ye Chen swinging on the crooked tree.

“You mad woman.” He swore at her and fixed eyes on the direction where she walked away.

He struggled, but failed to get rid of the rope, a special refined spiritual weapon.

“True fire, help me.” He reposed his hope on it.


Intelligent, the true fire vibrated, slipped out of his elixir sea, and engulfed the rope to refine all of its hidden vital energy.

The rope was common after losing its spiritual energy, therefore, Ye Chen broke it easily with his vital energy.

He scuttled to the high cliff wall, and looked up, but only saw misty clouds.

“Shit!” He burst into rage. Albeit the hanging down vines, he found it hard to climb up.

“Master, you really go away?”

“Don’t leave me here! I need to take the test in the wilderness.”

“You mad woman!”

Shouting without receiving an answer, he sat on one of the vines dispiritedly. How unlucky he was that he had such an unreliable master.

“Alas!” He waited for her to come back and pick him up. If he climbed up along the vines, he would have missed the test.


His true fire ran out of elixir sea without being ordered, and danced up and down after circling him for a round.


As his eyes glimmered, an idea hit him.

“You can fly, right!” He bounced up and looked at his true fire with an anticipating look. It flew off the cliff and backed.

Called, the fire returned to him.

“Can you bring me back?” He cast a sparkling look at it.

It flew to his feet, sprawled, and turned into a splendid golden cloud.

Ye Chen took his feet, and stepped onto the marshmallow-like cloud.


He giggled, and paced on it.