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Ye Chen feigned calmness, "I\'m fast!"

"You climb down fast, and then just climb up! I leave first." She was about to fly away with a flick of her sleeves.

"Master, please…don\'t leave me here." He tugged on her in a hurry. It would take him seven to eight days to climb up. He had to take the test in the wilderness in three days, and his time could not be wasted here. Otherwise, he would miss the test.

"You\'re here now, please bring me back!" Ye Chen simpered.

"You want to go up with me?" Chu Xuan beamed.

"Save time! I need to take part in the test in the wilderness in three days. I cannot be trapped here."

"I can bring you back. But you must listen to my order and never reject it!"

"Of course! I am your disciple! I won\'t refuse if you ask me to eat shit now."

She patted his shoulder, facing his decisiveness.

"Will he be startled if I order him to eat shit now?" A strange idea hit her instantly.

"Master?" Ye Chen waved hands before her, who was smirking.


As the weird idea flashed, she smiled at him, "Good boy, Qi Yue from the Spirit Cores Pavilion is pretty, isn\'t she?"

Ye Chen was paralyzed with astonishment.

"How about making you two a couple?" Chu Xuan blinked at him.

"I choose to eat shit!" He was to escape immediately.

"Come back." Chu Xuan stretched her hands, and captured him back, with the expectation of his fleet.

"Brat, you gave me your words just now. But now you go against your promise? You\'re dissatisfied with her?"

"We are not suitable." Screaming, he struggled to get rid of Chu Xuan\'s hands, but was pinned on the ground by her.

"Not suitable?" Chu Xuan went mad, and nearly pressed Ye Chen\'s head into mud.

"She\'s not my style."

"Tell me, why?" Chu Xuan crushed his head, feigning a grin.

"We\'re too familiar with each other. I…I am embarrassed to…"


Screeches sounded at the tranquil cliff bottom.

It returned to silence after a long while.

A figure bounded on a withered branch of a crooked tree swung in winds.

It was Ye Chen.

Beaten by Chu Xuan under a tree, he was black and blue with a pair of black eyes, unkempt hair, and foot prints all over his body.

"Have you decided to change your mind?" She cocked her leg, eating sunflower seeds, and glanced at him sometimes.

Ye Chen was agonized.

Unexpectedly, a beautiful master was not that tender as she appeared, but tyrannical. He realized he was cheated by her appearance after hit by her at midnight.

"Qi Yue is a good girl. It is your luck to have her as your wife."

"You\'re still unwilling?"

"You will lead a happy life after marrying her!"

Chu Xuan soliloquized under the tree, without considering Ye Chen\'s feelings.

"Master, to be honest, I have a crush on somebody else!" He tittered, aware that Chu Xuan would not release him easily, "Master, you\'re a kind person. You won\'t break up my lover and me, will you?"