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"Stay true to your heart, and you will reach your destination."

With the last words finished, Vacancy Jiang vanished with wind, and his mild remarks echoed endlessly between the heavens and earth.

"Stay true to my heart, and I will reach my destination." Ye Chen murmured, realizing something.



Unable to bear the vicissitude any longer, the ruined altar under Vacancy Jiang chipped, and faded away in the wind.

As Vacancy Jiang passed away, bright starry light and clean moonlight shone into the dim abyss bottom.

"Elder, I will use the immortal wheel eye to see the seething world for you." Ye Chen bowed with hands folded in front to the place where Vacancy Jiang evaporated, took a deep breath, and walked to the outside.

It took him one shichen to leave the long chasm bottom.

Albeit at deep night, outside of the inky abyss was brimming with vigor and vitality, ancient trees towering and flowers blooming.

"How weird it is!" Ye Chen looked around, and caressed his left eye. To his surprise, all the living things were more vivid in the immortal wheel eye.

Besides, his vision became clearer. Previously, his sight seemed to be clouded, but now he could penetrate the origin of more things with it.

"How profound the eye is!" Glimpsing around, he walked to the front of cliff wall, and planned to climb back to the innermost of the Spirit Herbs Garden.

However, an aroma of woman arrived, and a hand uplifted him.

"Boy, how did you get down? You did not fall to death?" As a melodic voice arose, Chu Xuan emerged, and seized Ye Chen in hand, as if grabbing a chick.

"Master…You come down?" Ye Chen was embarrassed to see her.

His eyes widened. Through the immortal wheel eye, he pierced through her gourmets, and saw her white tender skin and even the color of her underwear. Fairy-like Chu Xuan was naked in his eyes.


Lost, Ye Chen stared at her, and swallowed mouthfuls of slaver. Her perfect figure and skin were so tempting that he burned all over without noticing his bleeding nostrils.

"Penetration? Is it one of the immortal wheel eyes\' capabilities?" Ye Chen twitched his mouth, "Oh, heavens!"

"What look do you bear?" Awkward, Chu Xuan was gazed by him.


He coughed, wiped away his blood from nose, and laughed hollowly, "Master, why are you here?"

"Tell me why you are here?" She loosened her grip smilingly, and he dropped on the ground, "You pick spirit herbs in the Spirit Herbs Garden, don\'t you? Why are you under the cliff now? How did you come down? "

"I climbed down along the vines." Ye Chen made an excuse, and pointed at the vines in disorder hanging down on cliff walls.

"Vines?" Chu Xuan laughed at his words, blinked grinningly, her fingers lingering on his face, "Boy, you\'re not honest! As a cultivator at the virtual spirit stage, I don\'t dare to fly down from the high cliff. You, a disciple at the Qi condensation stage, take at least seven to eight days to come down!"