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"Favored by God, my immortal wheel eye awoke. But I provoked the demon out of my arrogance, and one of the immortal eyes was taken away. The eyes can sense each other. Be careful if you meet the one with another immortal wheel eye of mine. If you are not his equal, just destroy the eye I gave you."

Ye Chen was shocked albeit listening in tranquility.

He realized how terrible the immortal eye was. Even one eye of Vacancy Jiang, a saint, was taken away, his enemy must be horrible.

"The capabilities of the mysterious immortal wheel eyes vary. You will know later." Vacancy Jiang speeded up his speaking, and seized time to tell Ye Chen more, because his body accelerated vanishing.

"Technically, the immortal wheel eye can exert its most power in the hands of the people from the Immortal Clan. I have no idea whether you can manage the eye or not. I\'m not sure what will happen after giving the eye to cultivators of other clans. "

Vacancy Jiang\'s tone became more anxious and even out of order. Since his time was less, he still had a lot to tell Ye Chen.

Ye Chen just kept still, and listened in silence.

"A forbidden skill named Sky Illumination hides in my immortal eye. Don\'t use the skill unless you\'re at the pinch. Applying it costs your life. And the more you use it, your life will be shorter and shorter."

"At the night of full moon, don\'t activate the eye or use its capabilities."

"You\'ll see that the eye can penetrate some mysteries of nature, but don\'t disclose them."

"The eye goes against the God, and you\'ll be punished if revealing the secrets."

"Seal the eye at the end of your life."

"Tell the Immortal Clan if you can: Members of Immortal Clan without reaching the stage of emperor are never allowed to enter the virtual sky!"

The haggard body of Vacancy Jiang dissipated, as he spoke each sentence. Now, only his shoulder and the parts above it remained, and the saint would totally disappear from the universe within one minute.

Ye Chen could not help asking, "Elder, do you have any unfulfilled wishes?"

"Unfulfilled wishes?" Vacancy Jiang revealed his fatigue smile, and tried best to raise his head. He still looked at the endless universe with his void eyes, from which tears tumbled down and turned into ashes.

"Five thousand years! You must have already died!" Vacancy Jiang shook head hopelessly, and beamed miserably, "Huang\'er, my love, I thought I was unconquerable, and we would be together forever. But now, I regretted. I promise to accompany you till death if I have another life!"

Sobbing, Vacancy Jiang kept turning into ashes.

Ye Chen did not utter a word. A saint thought of his lover even before his death, and realized how valuable the common love was until now.

All his remorse would evaporate with him.


At once, Ye Chen kneeled down in melancholy, "Elder, farewell!"

A tiresome but benign smile unfolded on Vacancy Jiang\'s face, "Boy, the path of cultivation is arduous and filled with hardship and isolation. Remember my words: stay true to your heart, and you will reach your destination… "