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Agony snarled at the inky chasm bottom.

Before the ruined altar, Ye Chen covered his left eye, yelling. Blood dripped through his fingers, and stained his whole face. His head boomed, as if exploding.


As blood pumped out of his mouth, Ye Chen crumpled up on the ground, passing out.

Vacancy Jiang\'s body was fading away. Both of his eyes were void after giving the immortal wheel eye to Ye Chen,.

Silence descended.

Waken up in dizziness, Ye Chen sat up, and massaged his eyebrows.

"Boy, you woke up." The mild voice of Vacancy Jiang spread from the altar. He beamed nicely to Ye Chen, albeit losing eyes. More than half of his body was vanishing, and it would evaporate from the world within minutes.

"Elder." Ye Chen rose up in a hurry, and came to Vacancy Jiang, but did not know what to do when facing his dissipating body.

"Do you feel the changes of your left eye?" Vacancy Jiang grinned.

Ye Chen examined it.

To his surprise, the left pupil was not the same as before, with much profoundness and many mysterious laws. Especially the sign of the immortal wheel, it was engraved with numerous secrets.

Tremendous power of his left eye scared him.

"Elder, this…"Stunned, he looked at Vacancy Jiang.

"The immortal eyes only belongs to the Immortal Clan. And the eye may awake every ten thousand years."

"Immortal…immortal clan?" Ye Chen was astounded, "Elder, you…you\'re from the Immortal Clan?"

Vacancy Jiang nodded quietly.

Astonishment took hold of Ye Chen.

The Immortal Clan, one of the nine clans in the primitive age, was recorded in legends. He never expected that the dying elder before him was a saint at the age of at least five thousand years old from the clan.

Cultivators from the Immortal Clan were rare. Besides, the immortal wheel eye emerged every ten thousand years. How lucky Ye Chen was that he witnessed one and owned it

"I realize how formidable the eye is after possessing it!" Vacancy Jiang continued, but paused, and shook head, revealing a sense of lose, "It\'s its power that made me self-conceited. I went astray, brought myself trouble, and spent five thousand years on solving it."

Recalling his past, this dying old man with an aged face was more like a commoner saying goodbye to the world at the moment. He could do nothing though still sentimentally attached to the world.

"Elder, you really give such a precious gift to me?" Ye Chen murmured while looking at him, "You may be saved!"

Vacancy Jiang waved head, grinned tirelessly, "My vital energy has been consumed over the five millenniums. Even the God cannot save me! It\'s the discipline of the universe. "

Ye Chen watched a saint passing away before him in silence, paralyzed by sorrow.

"I don\'t have much time. And I have some reminders for you." Vacancy Jiang collected himself, and turned to Ye Chen.

"Elder, please tell me." Ye Chen bowed respectfully to him.