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"Zhang Tao, you just come to me if you want to retaliate." Zhang Fengnian had also been hanging for a day. But as an old man, he could not endure that and said with a a frail and elderly voice.

Blood lines left on Zhang Fengnian\' body after he was whipped by Zhang Tao. Slapped by the villains, his face was red and swollen. His eyes also darkened.

"Revenge upon you? All right!" Zhang Tao sneered and took out his lash from waist and raised it.



Each time the lash touched Zhang Fengnian\'s body, one more blood line left on it.

"Will you still refuse to give me the spell?" Zhang Tao roared crazily as he whipped. It seemed that he nearly peeled Zhang Fengnian\'s skin.



Seeing his grandpa being beaten, Hu Wa, whose mouth was stuffed by the cloth, cried out with tears filling in his eyes.



Chirping, the little eagle hung there. Iron hooks pierced its wings and the eagle was bleeding.

There were another two disciples from Hengyue Sect except Zhang Tao. Their cultivation base reached the second level of Qi condensation stage, but their vital energy was not powerful as that of Zhang Tao. From this point, it could be judged that they just advanced at the new level.

Zhang Tao nearly took the lives of Zhang Fengnian and Hu Wa. The two disciples persuaded, "Senior brother, be careful! Don\'t beat them to death. We may suffer a lot if the chief master blame us."

"Nobody will care about a wasted man." Glaring at Zhang Fengnian, Zhang Tao spat and stopped lashing.

But Zhang Tao still felt angry, he cast a cruel look at the eagle and shouted, "You treat the bird as your family. I will cook it at your presence. You two kill the bird for me."

"All right."

The two disciples rolled up their sleeves, took out a dagger glittering and ran to the giant bird, "We are hungry after one night\'s work."

"You…" Zhang Fengnian\'s eyes darkened, with a cold look flashing. He coughed up blood each time he spoke.



Hu Wa struggled and tears rolled down along his face.

Though the little eagle was a low-level spirit beast, they regarded it as their family. Watching it to be killed, Zhang Fengnian and his grandson were so hurtful that they felt like their hearts were being scooped out.

The door of the little spiritual garden was pushed open when the two disciples were going to take action. Bloody Ye Chen entered.

"Sir, I am back…" With his words unfinished, Ye Chen was astonished to see these.

What a horrible scene it was! Zhang Fengnian hung there and bled. So did Hu Wa and the little eagle.

"Whew! You dare to come back." Zhang Tao jumped abruptly with a wicked look and grinned hideously when seeing Ye Chen.

"Zhang Tao." Ye Chen answered coldly and his black pupils reddened suddenly. He strode to Zhang Tao and could not oppress his intention to kill him. Now, Ye Chen\'s look was more terrible than Zhang Tao\'s.

"Nobody can save you today."