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It enveloped Vacancy Jiang, shocked away the dusts all over his body. His bony figure revealed, without a drop of fresh blood.

"His energy has been consumed completely over the five thousand years." Ye Chen whispered, standing in awe of the formidable demon in Vacancy Jiang\'s body, which exhausted all of the saint\'s stamina.



Snarls spread from Vacancy Jiang\'s body. Threatened by the true fire, the demon inside roared, and tried to break Vacancy Jiang\'s confinement.

Its screams were full of magical power, and capable of devouring. Deathly pale, Ye Chen lost his mind, aches seared through his soul.

"Vacancy Jiang, you ask for death?" A hideous shout came from Vacancy Jiang\'s body.

"We\'ve entangled for five thousand years. It\'s time to end now."

"You cannot live if I die!"

"I should have died earlier."

The yells vanished. As the true fire left his body, Vacancy Jiang, whose breath reached its weakest point, was to pass away at any time, like a lonely light in the wailing wind.

"Elder!" Ye Chen hastened to come close to him, and fished out his spirit liquid.

"My life comes to its end. No magical medicine can save me." Vacancy Jiang heaved a sigh.

Even so, Ye Chen infused a great deal of jade spirit liquid into Vacancy Jiang\'s body, in the hope of prolonging his life with the tenuous vital energy.

"Boy, can you tell me why you have demonic energy?" Vacancy Jiang did not prevent Ye Chen\'s infusion, but flicked a grand-father like smile at him.

Albeit hesitant, Ye Chen stared at Vacancy Jiang\'s graciousness, and took out the small tripod, the origin of his demonic energy.

A flash flickered in Vacancy Jiang\'s eyes at his sight of the tripod.

His blazing look waned, and he waved head, gave a relieving smile, "Demonic Abyss, though powerful as you are, you cannot resist the vicissitude of times?"

"Elder, you know the origin of the tripod?" Ye Chen looked at Vacancy Jiang in bewilderment.

Vacancy Jiang smiled without telling the secret of the tripod, "Boy, it\'s a treasure. Keep it well! Otherwise, it will bring you death!"

Startled, Ye Chen checked the tripod again. Spoken highly of by a saint, it must be extraordinary.

"You have so many treasures!" Feeble Vacancy Jiang glanced at Ye Chen\'s storage bag with some profound remarks, eyes glinting.

Ye Chen glimpsed at his storage bag in surprise, where other items as valuable as the tripod stayed.

"Boy, look at my eye." Vacancy Jiang struggled to raise his head.

Ye Chen stared at Vacancy Jiang\'s eye, unaware of what he was going to do.

One eye was empty, the other full of mysteriousness, as if with a limitless starry sky and a seething world. An immortal wheel was carved on the pupil, and it reeled when Ye Chen looked at it.

"Why the eye looks like…?" Ye Chen was astonished.

"Immortal wheel eye, my most proud collection. I\'m going to give it to you."