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"A Saint!" Vacancy Jiang was not enraged by Ye Chen\'s question, but beamed with a mild tone. Expression could barely be judged from his aged face.

"Saint?" Ye Chen scratched his head, like an idiot gaped at him, and grinned in embarrassment, "Elder, what\'s the cultivation base of a saint?"

Vacancy Jiang smiled nicely to Ye Chen without explaining.

Ye Chen contemplated secretively that cultivators at the empty darkness stage could lead a life as long as a millennium. Those living for five thousand years must rank three stages higher.

His heart pounded. It took a long time to develop a cultivator at the empty darkness stage, let alone a saint!

"Little friend, do you know why I brought you here?"

"No." Ye Chen waved head in confusion.

"I want to borrow your immortal fire."

Alarmed, Ye Chen wondered whether the strange elder before him wanted to snatch his true fire. In such a case, he would suffer a great loss.

"Why does elder need it?" Ye Chen did not summon his true fire, but glanced at Vacancy Jiang.

"To Commit Suicide."

"Commit suicide?" Ye Chen paused, reckoning that he misheard. What a ridiculous reason it was!

"To be more precisely, to kill the demon in my body."


"I was self-conceited, and brought myself ominousness. As a result, I paid a price for that. " Vacancy Jiang sighed, and continued his explanation, "I thought I could get rid of it, but I looked down upon it. I cannot repress it by myself anymore after five thousand years."

"So awesome!" Ye Chen was astounded.

"It\'s the fate that I cannot escape."

"Elder, don\'t be so pessimistic. How about asking my masters to help you?" Ye Chen glimpsed at Vacancy Jiang, "You cannot repress the demon, but more masters may succeed."

Vacancy Jiang shook head, "No need. Given their cultivation bases, they come here only to seek their doom. "

Ye Chen twitched his mouth, "Elder, even masters at the virtual spirit stage are unable to deal with the demon. You\'re sure that my fire can extinguish it?"

"True fire cannot, but immortal fire can!" Vacancy Jiang grinned, "I find that your true fire has not awaken yet, or turned into immortal fire. I have been waiting here for a long time, and finally a person with immortal fire arrives. It is time for my life to come to its end."

Ye Chen cast a puzzling look at Vacancy Jiang, "Elder, since you\'re going to commit suicide, why you need my true fire?"

"Over the five thousand years, I\'ve drained my energy to squash the demon, and now I\'m exceedingly feeble. The demon will burst through my constriction before my death. So I need to kill it first, otherwise it will bring about a catastrophe when it\'s free. "

"So it is." Ye Chen nodded, and called the true fire in his elixir sea.

"Go ahead!" He flung it towards Vacancy Jiang.