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Ye Chen scuttled from the Spirit Cores Pavilion for the Spirit Herbs Garden.

This time, he did not hear Li San\'s moans of intercourse. Perhaps Li San, seriously injured in the competition, was lying in bed for recovery.

Ye Chen headed towards the herbs regardless of these trifles.

He was going to the inner school in three days, and would have fewer chances to pick spiritual herbs here. Therefore, he borrowed Xu Fu\'s identity card to gather more spiritual grasses.

He began working now.

With the identity card, he had nothing to worry about, and brimmed his storage bags with herbs, leaving bare lands behind.

"Core refinement consumes many herbs. It\'s not my fault." He thrust the herbs into his storage bags, seeking a formal excuse for himself.

Until midnight, he was still working in the Spirit Herbs Garden, and his storage bags ballooned.

"These herbs can sustain a long time." He patted one bulging bag, and gave up one pasture with spiritual energy revolving around.

"Leaving." He took a deep breath, and spun around.

He cast a confusing look at the innermost of the garden when twisting around.

At the end of the Spirit Herbs Garden lay a cliff, under which a weird gadget stayed and even frightened his true fire. He edged towards the place out of curiosity.

He arrived at the end of the garden at his second time, and looked downwards.

On the high cliff, clouds floated around him. Each time he looked down, he felt like gazing at a deep abyss, and being devoured by it.


His true fire flickered at the edge of the elixir sea, fearful. It did not dance, but quivered.

"What\'s below the cliff on earth? Why are you so horrified?" Puzzled, he glanced at the true fire.

All of a sudden, he trembled in a breeze.

He looked around, and found eeriness, especially the shivering true fire brought coldness to him all over his body.

"I\'d better leave here now." He turned around.

Nevertheless, when he took one step, a gust of tremendous and irresistible force sucked him.

"What\'s up?" Heart sinking, he wanted to move, but was constrained by some strange power. He plummeted, and the wailing winds pained him like sharp sabres.

Besides, he was deprived of his vital energy and strength to speak, and dragged down by the force to the bottom of the abyss.

Within seconds, darkness descended before his eyes. He arrived at an inky chasm without ends like hell.

Silence enwrapped the place.

After a while, his feet landed on the ground soundly, and the constraints dissipated.


He fished out the Crimson Cloud Sword and spirit pearls for illumination, fixed his eyes at his surroundings. It was creepy in the murky chasm bottom.

The pearl lightened, and the environment was clear.

It was deathly silent here, without any living things, and misty all around. Beneath his feet were skeletons strewn in swampy sands.