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"Bad boy!" Xu Fu cursed, but focused on the volume in hand. Even Chu Xuan came closer, ignoring Ye Chen.

As the volume unfolded, small neatly-written characters came into their eyes. It was the copy of the Secret Skill of Burning Sky.

"Is it for human cultivators? It\'s about suicide!" Unbelievable, Xu Fu\'s eyes widened immediately, but pupils contracted as tiny as needle tips.

"Which lunatic created such a mad technique!" Chu Xuan was astounded after reading, and covered her half mouth with hands.

"Refine bones and marrow; build meridians; burn heart and blood; grind skin and flesh."

These words expounded the essence of the skill. And the tearing pain stunned both Chu Xuan and Xu Fu.

"Ye Chen practiced this?" Xu Fu stared at the direction where Ye Chen left in surprise.

So did Chu Xuan.

The searing pain caused by the refinement was the equal of lingchi. Ye Chen was peerless for his strong will and cultivation among the youth.

"The ache tore him apart during his fighting against the bone expose core. What an indomitable boy." Xu Fu\'s astonished.

"I need to go back to the inner school first." Chu Xuan took one step.

"Junior martial sister, don\'t go!" Xu Fu grabbed Chu Xuan instantly.

"What\'s up?" She paused, and cast a bewildering look at him.

"Nothing serious." He simpered, and thrust his hands in sleeves, "What do you think of Qi Yue?"

Chu Xuan was puzzled.

"How about making Qi Yue and Ye Chen together?" Xu Fu edged forward, and revealed a mysterious smile.

"What does making them together mean?"

"To be precisely, putting them on the same bed."

Chu Xuan gaped at Xu Fu, and realized that he wanted to make them a couple!

It was common for male and female cultivators to practice together, boosting their relationship and cultivation base.

Xu Fu\'s proposal went beyond Chu Xuan\'s expectation.

If it succeeded, she would be Ye Chen\'s master and Qi Yue\'s mother-in-law.

She dreamed of pinching the chubby face of the baby given birth by Qi Yue.

Chu Xuan giggled like an innocent girl.

"Junior martial sister?" Xu Fu waved his hand before her.


She asked at once, noticing her awkwardness, "How about Qi Yue\'s opinion?"

"Don\'t worry. I\'ll talk with her." Xu Fu caressed his beard, "It\'s up to Ye Chen. If he objects, no one can force him."

"He dares?" Chu Xuan rubbed her clenched fists, and exposed her toughness, unequal to her fairy-like face.

"Senior martial brother, it\'s settled. If Ye Chen dares to reject, I hit him!" She strode out of the pavilion, and chuckled, "This year, they get married, and next year they\'ll give birth to a baby. The year after next, one more baby. Ha…ha…ha…Chubby babies, one for each year!"

Xu Fu twitched his mouth in the inner hall, complaining that Qi Yue married Ye Chen not to be a reproduction machine.

What Qi Yue would look if hearing Chu Xuan\'s words.

If Ye Chen and Qi Yue knew their master planned to make them a couple, how they would react.