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Deep night, in the Spirit Core Pavilion:

In the quivering giant tub left only clean water, the essence of spiritual liquid was absorbed by Ye Chen.

At once, Ye Chen opened his eyes slowly, and breathed out turbid air. His dark eyes glimmered, and color returned to his pallid face.

"Where am I?" He swayed his head, realizing that he stayed in a wooden tub.

A hand tugged at his clothes, uplifted him, and thumped him on the ground.

It was Chu Xuan. She hastened here when sensing Ye Chen waken up.

He crawled up in confusion, twisted around, and saw her smiling face.



He chuckled at the point of bursting in rage. It would be better to behave himself now.

"Waken up?" She folded her arms before chest, and cast a curious look at Ye Chen, revealing an enchanting smile.

"Yep…" He simpered. A sense of foreboding came across him each time seeing her grin. He might be beaten by her in the next second.

"You\'re glorious now!"

He was embarrassed. In the repechage, he spared no pains in the fight, nastily wounded, and nearly lost his life.

"I don\'t allow you to battle regardless of everything in the future!" She beamed at him.


Ye Chen nodded in a flurry, because Chu Xuan was not a tender woman as her beauty appeared to be.

"Boy, can you tell me where you learned the refinement mystique?" Xu Fu walked out from the inner hall with a horsetail whisk, and flicked a profound glimpse at Ye Chen.

"Sect elder, you\'re interested in it?" Ye Chen winked.

"Of course!" Xu Fu snapped back. Chu Xuan was also interested in it.

With the powerful skill, Ye Chen protected himself against the consumption of the bone expose core. The two experienced cultivators also wanted to have a look at it.

Ye Chen answered in their gazes, "You may read it, but I need to charge! A mystique cannot be showed to others for free."

He looked up at the limitless starry sky.

Xu Fu was incensed, and Chu Xuan ready to teach Ye Chen a lesson.

Xu Fu prevented furious Chu Xuan.

Ye Chen\'s word made sense.

"Take it!" Xu Fu fished out a purple core, his face darkening.

It was a two-pattern core with thick medicinal aroma and green vapor revolving around.

Ye Chen took it, and sniffed. The scent refreshed his body and soul.

"It\'s awesome!" He giggled, soaking in its dense scent.

"Now, you can show us the mystique!" Xu Fu flicked an angry glance at Ye Chen.

"I\'ll teach you a lesson, if you lie to us." Chu Xuan grinned.

Frightened, Ye Chen hurried to collect the core, and took out an ancient volume.

"Hurry up."

"Come on."

"Here it is." He passed the volume to them, and dragged Xu Fu\'s identity card from his waist the second Xu Fu received the volume.

"Sect elder Xu, take your time." Ye Chen slipped out of the grand hall, worrying that Xu Fu would seize him back.