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As smoke arose all over Ye Chen\'s body, his wounds healed. And the spiritual liquid in the tub converted into pure vital energy, and rushed into his body through all his pores, nurturing his meridians and bones.

"It\'s the strange mystique." Xu Fu said deeply while gazing at Ye Chen.

"It can be used to refine body and cure injuries. Ye Chen defended himself against the bone expose core with it." Chu Xuan sighed, and cast a profound look at Ye Chen. She found him harder to penetrate.

"The boy is awesome." Xu Fu stroked his beard and praised.

To Chu Xuan and Xu Fu\'s surprise, Ye Chen recovered totally in less than a day!

Thanks to the nourishment of spiritual liquid and the refinement, his vital energy grew, and cultivation base advanced from the ninth level of the Qi condensation stage to the peak, one step closer to human core stage.

"I\'ve been practiced cultivation for a hundred years. It\'s my first time to see a young cultivator revives in such a short time." Chu Xuan complimented many times.

"Even so, he is not the Xuan spirit disciple\'s equal!" Xu Fu spoke highly of Ye Chen\'s recovery ability, but shook head hopelessly when speaking of the Xuan spirit body, aware of its power.

Chu Xuan\'s brows scrunched up, and looks transferred from Ye Chen to Xu Fu, "Senior martial brother, what do you think of the Xuan spirit body?"

"As far as I know, the Xuan spirit cultivators are unconquerable!" Xu Fu gave a long and astonishing sigh, "A Xuan spirit disciple reappears in the world, but not our sect! Honestly, I\'m startled when hearing the news. If the secrecy was not sent by our spies sent to the Zhengyang Sect, we must have been clouded until the competition among the three sects. The Xuan spirit disciple may change the layout of the Great Chu Empire."

Xu Fu paused, stroked his beard, and continued, "I\'ve made some research of the Xuan spirit body, and found that cultivators with such a potential are flawless. Once they trigger the force between the heavens and earth, they will be peerless among the cultivators of their same rank."

"Peerless among their same rank?" Chu Xuan\'s eyes glinted, and fixed at Xu Fu, "Is the potential so marvelous?"

Xu Fu nodded gently, "Legends never tell any failure of Xuan spirit cultivators."

"Even the Emperor Sabre would be defeated if battling with a Xuan spirit cultivator ranking the same as his?"

"Though talented as he was, he was likely to lose." Xu Fu found a chair, and sat down. When mentioning the Xuan spirit body, he revealed admiration in eyes, "Its profoundness and gift go far beyond our imagination."

Chu Xuan looked grim after Xu Fu\'s high assessment.

"I just hope the Hengyue Sect won\'t lose badly." Xu Fu sighed.

He glanced at Ye Chen in the tub, and waved his head, "These young disciples are not favored by the age. They\'re destined to be dwarfed by the Xuan spirit disciple forever."


Helpless, Chu Xuan also sighed.

What would Xu Fu and she look if they knew the Xuan spirit disciple in the Zhengyang Sect was Ye Chen\'s ex-lover.