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The competition embraced its end after three days and two nights. The onlookers paced out of the Qian Kun Pavilion, but still immersed in the competition.

This one might not be the most fantastic, but the fiercest. An intern disciple created his legend with his strong faith.

Ye Chen was engraved in everyone\'s heart.

Happiness and bitterness intertwined in this competition.

Though the participants had a chance for repechage, a lot of them still lost, such as Yin Zhiping, Jiang Hao and Zishan. The former two was disabled by Ye Chen without the chance for repechage, and the latter almost lost his life in the repechage, unqualified to enter the inner school.

Others sighed that the three failed in the last competition because of confronting strong enemies unluckily.

This time, they were still unfortunate?

Definitely, not. Yin Zhiping was defeated. Jiang Hao and Zishan were beaten up by dying Ye Chen. The key to the result did not lie in luck, and they had to stay in the outer school for another three years.

Some were fortunate, such as Qi Hao, Su Xinyue and Tang Ruxuan.

Not strong cultivators, they encountered weaker opponents, and won the chance for the inner school without fighting in the repechage, a stark contrast with Yin Zhiping, Jiang Hao and Zishan.

Ye Chen, the hero of the competition, was in the Spirit Core Pavilion.

In a big wooden tub as wide as three zhangs full of misty spiritual liquid made of hundreds of spiritual medicine sat Ye Chen with leg crossed. Each wound glared.

"He\'s seriously injured." Xu Fu caressed his beard, "Junior martial sister, luckily you protected his heart and meridians on our way back."

"The boy acted recklessly." Chu Xuan answered in rage, but satisfaction glimmered in her eyes. Ye Chen stunned her many times in the competition. It was her fortune to find such an awesome disciple.

"I wonder whether he will wake up or not before the wilderness test." Xu Fu flicked his sleeves, fished out two jade bottles, and poured the spirit liquid inside into the tub, "It\'s said that some disciples sent to the wilderness are waiting to get even with Ye Chen."

"Senior martial brother, I knew that!"

"Jiang Yang, cousin of Jiang Hao; Kong Cao, the former first lineal disciple of the Diyang Peak; Zuo Qiuming, the former first lineal disciple of the Regulation Hall. The three reach true Yang stage. I\'m afraid that they will corner Ye Chen to death. Besides, there are over a hundred disciples at the peak of the human core stage…"

Chu Xuan was worried, "Ye Chen has too many enemies, and they gather together. In term of this, it\'s more difficult for him to pass the test in the wilderness. He becomes the target of their attack even before entering the inner school! Alas!"

"It\'s your first time to claim a disciple, how do you feel now?"

"My younger sister and I are used to free lifestyle. Now, we have a liability, and need to adjust ourselves."



Noises sounded from the wooden tub.

Surprised, they stared at each other.

The sounds stemmed from Ye Chen\'s body. The Secret Skill of Burning Sky ran over the cure.