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Even so, they staggered to each other without vital energy, and just battled with bare fists. You punched me, I struck you. You gave me a kick, I returned one to you.


Both of them collapsed down in one beat.

Zishan was unkempt and hideous like a devil.

Ye Chen was bloody with a strong volition as asura.

All the onlookers held their breaths. The similarity occurred in the fight between Ye Chen and Jiang Hao, but it still seized the audiences\' eyes now. The battle just started.

Zishan swayed up, and plucked the sword planted slantingly beside him in everyone\'s gaze.

Ye Chen crawled up, staggered, and unsheathed the bloody Crimson Cloud Sword.



As snarls sounded, both of them stumbled, and thrust their swords towards each other, leaving red foot prints behind.

Everybody\'s heart thumped.

The two edged towards each other, and uplifted their swords.



Blood spurted. Zishan penetrated Ye Chen\'s body, and Ye Chen jabbed Zishan\'s chest.

Tranquility descended, and only breath was heard.

On the platform the two fighters remained still.

In the end, Ye Chen struggled to lift his nastily mutilated arm, and pushed Zishan away with his strength left. Zishan backed, and fell down on the platform unwillingly.

"Impossible…."Zishan gazed at Ye Chen\'s eyes, and passed out, his eyes blurring and blood flowing from his mouth.

Bloody, Ye Chen lurched with the sword, and his fluttering black hair covered his badly mutilated face.

He stood there like a statue, startling everyone.

"What kind of person are you on earth?" Qi Yue with a pale face whispered, and never expected that an intern she belittled stunned her again.

"You deserve to be the top one in the outer school." Proud Xie Yun murmured after regaining composure.

"We must have been defeated if we rank the same with Ye Chen." Huo Teng, Xiao Jing and other outstanding disciples claimed Ye Chen\'s superiority. He, a seriously wounded cultivator at the Qi condensation stage, defeated a lineal disciple of the true Yang stage.

"Why? Why?" Ye Chen\'s opponents all gnashed their teeth with grimaces. They did not see any hope to beat up him again.

"You won\'t succeed with an intense killing intent." Su Xinyue could not tolerate Ye Chen\'s outperformance over Qi Hao.

"Ye Chen wins again." A mumble sounded.

Ye Chen\'s glorious but tragic victory ended the fierce battle, which should have no suspenses. He gambled on everything.

"We\'re aged!" Pang Dahai, Zhou Dafu and other sect elders grumbled.

"Heavens! I\'m still punished for my wrong choice!" Zhong Laodao regretted disclaiming Ye Chen as his disciple.

"Ye Chen will lead a new era." Pleased, Immortal Daoxuan stroked his beard, sighing, "I foresee a new epoch in this competition."

"How can it be possible? Impossible!" Ge Hong and Immortal Qingyang looked sulky with bloodshot eyes.

Ye Chen\'s progress left a pang of remorse to them. Supercilious, they did not allow others to challenge their authority, and were unwilling to admit their mistake. Their desire to murder Ye Chen grew out of rage and regret.

At once, Ye Chen collapsed down in Chu Xuan\'s arms, as a breeze swept across the platform.