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Roaring, Zishan threw himself upon Ye Chen, and his howling palms tried to pin him on the ground.


Ye Chen did not dodge backwards, but charged towards Zishan.

Ye Chen recovered gradually in stable breaths after refining the ferocious vital energy with the Sky of Burning Sky, albeit seriously wounded.

With half of his life lost, he could defend against Zishan, though only half of his fighting capability returned.


Ye Chen stepped back in the hit.

Surprising Thunder Palm.

Opposite him, Zishan darted forwards.

Mountain Wrestle Fist!

Fearless, Ye Chen careered forward while steadying himself, holding the faith of his victory.

Their battle started, and both of them went insane.

Ye Chen pulled himself up to feet, like a lion waken up after a deep slumber. At a disadvantage, he kept attacking, and aches drowned in the tearing pain caused by his body refinement.

Xuan Light Link!

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Cloud Sword Skill!

Tiangang Sword Formation!

Mystiques were used in their fight.



The combat turned to be bloody.

Both Ye Chen and Zishan were injured continuously. Ye Chen attacked Zishan at the cost of his life. One thump for one pound, and one stab for one jab.

"Ye Chen is dying, but he still fights regardless of everything, even his life!" The onlookers were startled.

"As you say, he\'s dying. It cannot worsen."

"He may be crippled mostly even he wins."



Snarls sounded on the platform.

Ye Chen applied his close fighting techniques with each joint as his weapon. Deep growls arose each time he beat.


Zishan\'s yells sounded through the platform. Thought upper hand, he was oppressed. Ye Chen\'s breaths weakened, but his volition accelerated.

His indomitable vitality drove Zishan crazy. It was Zishan\'s first time to meet an unconquerable rival.

The disciples from the Diyang Peak, the Renyang Peak and the Regulation Hall were astounded.

The faces of their chief masters changed from mocking to sullen. Ye Chen\'s rising up disgraced them.

"He dares to ignore the consumption of the bone expose core. Damn!" Ge Hong gnashed teeth hideously.

"What a geek he is." Zhao Zhijing also gritted his teeth.

"He stands up though seriously injured." Immortal Qingyang looked pallid, and clenched his fists in a crack.

Immortal Daoxuan and other sect elders were happy to see the three\'s disappointment.

"Junior martial sister, Ye Chen reminds me of one person!" Traceless Wind answered to imply something.

"Senior martial brother, you mean Emperor Sabre?" Chu Xuan turned to Traceless Wind.

He nodded gently, "Ye Chen resembles him in both character and talent. Only Ye Chen is the equal of Emperor Sabre in youth, among the young disciples from one palace and three sects in the Great Chu Empire. Emperor Sabre defeated nine superior sect elders from the Blood-thirst Palace in the fight in Guyuan, Dongling. "

"Whether the proud man still lives or not?" Chu Xuan sighed, respect and admiration glinted in her pretty eyes when speaking of Emperor Sabre.

"All\'s passed." Traceless wind whispered.

Chu Xuan hurried to look down at the platform.

There, Ye Chen stumbled and Zishan swayed.

The similarity of the fight between Ye Chen and Jiang Hao reappeared. Exhausted, both of them were unable to apply any mystique.