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At deep night, Chu Ling sought for Ye Chen in the thickly grown demonic forest, but did not find him.

"You will die miserably if I catch you one day." Chu Ling talked to herself with animosity. Recalling what happened in the cave, she flushed and never expected herself to be lascivious like that. She had always been an innocent girl.

"Ah! How shameful!" Stamping the ground, shy Chu Ling covered her burning cheeks.

"Chu Ling?" A voice came behind Chu Ling. Chu Xuan concerned about her sister, followed her secretively, but was surprised to find her face reddening all over. "What\'s wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Chu Ling equivocated with her red-hot cheeks. Could she tell her sister that she had sex with a young cultivator at the second level of Qi condensation stage? She could not speak it out.

"What are you looking for?" Chu Xuan glanced at Chu Ling in doubt and looked around, "Do you have something left here?"

"No, I just hang around."

"You are lying."

"Oh, let\'s go. Senior brothers are waiting for us." Having a guilty conscience, Chu Ling thrust her elder sister to leave, but turned back to set her eyes on the way to the cave before she left.

The two girls rose to the sky neck and neck, disappearing soon.

Tranquility returned to the demonic beast forest at this dark night.

The carcass of a giant beast moved in a hidden corner of the forest.

Afterwards, a bloody hand stretched out from the body.

It was a horrible scene that a person swallowed by the demonic beast crawled out from its body alive.

Took a close look, a bleeding man crept from the cut of the beast\'s underbelly.

Undoubtedly, it was Ye Chen.

He hid in a demonic beast\' belly to avoid Chu Ling\'s chase. If she knew, would she praise Ye Chen\'s smartness?


Breathing out, Ye Chen patted his chest and said, "I almost lost my life."

He coughed and touched his nose tip after thinking about the sexy moments. The thick bloody scent could not hide the fragrance left by Chu Ling on his body, which he felt fascinated.

"I saved her life!" Ye Chen found a grand reason for himself.

But he still felt guilty somehow. It was hard for anyone to lose virginity in that circumstance, let alone a cultivator beauty at the virtual spirit stage.

He could not sacrifice himself any longer if he met similar situations in the future.

After resting for a while, Ye Chen looked up at the sky, and it nearly dawned.

He feared that Chu Ling would return to revenge on him, jumped up and slipped into the forest. Ye Chen also dragged the dead demonic beast with him before leaving. The beast could spur his recovery.

Now, the little spiritual garden was brimming with wails.

"You dare to cry?" Villainous Zhang Tao took out a piece of black cloth from his chest, kneaded it into a mass, and thrust it into Hu Wa\'s mouth, kicking him and spiting, "Why do you stop crying?"

Hu Wa was pitiful. He had been hanging for a whole day since Zhang Tao and his henchmen came yesterday, with footprints leaving all over his body.