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"Seven." The yell waves arose since the disciples from the Regulation Hall also joined.

Those disciples counted backwards for Ye Chen. If he could not stand up when they counted one, he lost both the fight and the chance to enter the inner school. Besides, his gamble on life would be futile .

"Let\'s rush to them and teach them a lesson!" Xiong\'er bellowed.

Sulky, Huo Teng and other supporters did not move. They did not need to wait until now if the competition allowed their fight.

"Six.\' Scream sounded again. The savage smiles could not wait to career towards the platform and tear Ye Chen into pieces.




The vociferousness grew.


Too many disciples sympathized with Ye Chen\'s sorrow. He could enter the inner school with his capability, but met obstacles all the time. What\'s more, he was plotted against in his key battle and might lose albeit trying his best.

Man proposed, God disposed.

Destiny fooled Ye Chen.

Chin high, Zishan vented their anger and enjoyed the counting as if favored by the three schools and floating in the air.

Chu Xuan stood up on her cloud cluster, waiting rush to the platform to heal Ye Chen at the last count.

"Two." The voices of the disciples from the three schools rose to the highest point and sounded thorough the entire outer school.

"You\'re awesome?" The disciples from the Diyang Peak did not count one, but cursed.

"Stand up to fight if you dare!" The disciples from the Renyang Peak vented their anger.

"Refuse your defeat even die? How ridiculous!" The disciples from the Regulation Hall growled.

Ye Chen was swore at by them and the blood all over the ground could not wash off his lowliness and humiliation.

Sullen, Immortal Daoxuan flicked a gruff look at the chief masters of the three schools, "Your disciples are so uneducated."

"You exaggerate. They just express their true feelings." Ge Hong, Immortal Qingyang and Zhao Zhijing mocked.

"You lead your disciples astray." Traceless Wind reproached them coldly without sparing their feelings.

"Victory comes first." They glimpsed at him and snapped back.

"My disciple is honored even if he loses." Chu Xuan\'s cold and faint voice sounded. She took one step, unwilling to hear the maliciousness. He was not a criminal and did not have to bear the meaningless blames.

She paused when lifting her foot, because Ye Chen struggled to stand up.

"Eh…" She covered her slightly widened mouth.

"The boy…" Both Immortal Daoxuan and Xu Fu rose up in aghast and looked down to lock their eyes on bleeding Ye Chen.

"Impossible." Startled, Ge Hong, Immortal Qingyang and Zhao Zhijing pulled up to their feet at once.

"Well done!"

"Good Job!"

Applauds arose under the platform.

The disciples from the Renyang Peak, the Tianyang Peak and Regulation Hall were disappointed.

"It cannot be true." Zishan did not believe the spectacle before him, eyes bulging.

"I bet everything. How can I be defeated?" Ye Chen\'s husky voice sounded. He uplifted his badly mutilated face slowly, the faith of triumph glimmering in his bleeding eyes.