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Glaring blood splashed on the platform.

Zishan\'s sword hit on Ye Chen\'s shoulder, but did not rip his arm, stuck between his hard bones.


Ye Chen kicked away Zishan and swaggered backwards.

"You don\'t die?" Yelling, Zishan pounced upon Ye Chen and pounded on his chest with a palm full of thunders.


Ye Chen coughed up blood and backed again.


"You go to death."

"Why you don\'t die?"

Zishan with a hideous look darted towards Ye Chen and thumped him crazily.



Seriously wounded, Ye Chen vomited blood, unable to block Zishan\'s attacks.

The onlookers did not bear seeing the spectacle.

So did Immortal Daoxuan and he looked at Chu Xuan, "Junior martial sister, Ye Chen will lost his life if he goes on fighting."

Chu Xuan was hesitant, eyes glinting.

If she asked the fight to stop, Ye Chen needed to claim his lose. It was crueler for him to admit his defeat compared with killing him. But she would be heartbroken if seeing the death of her beloved disciple.

"You test your master with a hard problem." Though calm as she was, she did not know what to do now.

"Ye Chen is stubborn and insists on his faith. He will pursue his belief even at the cost of his life." Traceless Wind whispered.

Silent, Chu Xuan wanted to rise up, but was prevented by him.

Xu Fu stroked his beard in deliberation, vacillating for his decision.

"Tell them Ye Chen is an alchemist?" He murmured, aware how important an alchemist was. If Immortal Daoxuan knew Ye Chen\'s identity, he must intervene regardless of the objection.

How about the result of this practice?

He wavered over the consequence. Even though Ye Chen was new to him, he was familiar with his obstinacy and pride. Ye Chen would not allow the sect to stop the fight for him because of cherishing his talent.

"If so, he must suffer more than to die!" Xu Fu mumbled in deep thought.

Ge Hong, Immortal Qingyang and Zhao Zhijing laughed grimly.

They did not hope Ye Chen claim his defeat. In such a case, Zishan could kill Ye Chen in public without punishment. They enjoyed the fight especially seeing Ye Chen\'s wounds, due to their feud with him.


Zishan, ferocious and lunatic, jabbed Ye Chen\'s body and struck him far away.

"Ye Chen cannot crawl up this time!" Someone hissed under the platform.

"He is so seriously injured and cannot stand up."

"Ye Chen can pride himself on this fight. It\'s not disgraceful though he loses."

"You don\'t die this time?" Zishan panted with a grimace.

The discussion evaporated quickly as it came. The bloody platform was enveloped in tranquility, on which a bloody silhouette captured everyone\'s focus.

"Ten." A roar interrupted the silence.

"Damn you." Xiong\'er charged towards the disciples from the Diyang Peak with his mace, but was hampered by Qi Yue and others.

"Nine." The disciples from the Diyang Peak shouted, waved their hands and cast provoking look on Xiong\'er and Ye Chen\'s supporters.

"Eight." The scream grew louder, because the disciples from the Renyang Peak stood up and joined.