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He bowed with hands folded in front to Immortal Daoxuan, "Sect elder, Ye Chen has been plotted against. I advise to prolong the battle. Save him first."

"We cannot agree more." Qi Yue and others supported Xiong\'er.

An enigmatic voice sounded before Immortal Daoxuan\'s response.

"He\'s been plotted against? So funny!" A lineal disciple from the Diyang Peak answered, "Who dares to harm Ye Chen sneakily before all the sect elders? You think the sect elders are blind?"

"Exactly." A lineal disciple from the Renyang Peak came, "Ye Chen took cores to boost his cultivation so that he goes wild. Aren\'t you afraid of punishment to say Ye Chen is stabbed in the back?"

"Pause the fight because of fearing defeat?" A lineal disciple from the Regulation Hall sneered, "If so, the battle is unfair. If Ye Chen admits his defeat, I don\'t object the pause of the battle."

"Don\'t find other excuses to hurt Ye Chen! He needs cores to boost his cultivation base?" Xiong\'er cursed.

"Who knows what he schemes to do?"

"Scheme? I suppose you plotters worry to be exposed!" Huo Teng scolded gruffly.

"Huo Teng, what do you mean? We\'re the plotters?"

"The plotter knows. Come to fight, if you\'re wronged!"


"Enough." Cold reproach from Immortal Daoxuan arose when the lineal disciples began to combat. Enormous pressure enwrapped the Qian Kun Pavilion, "It\'s already a mess here. You can go to the Wind and Cloud Platform if you guys want to fight."



The disciples snorted, and kept silent after Immortal Daoxuan\'s intervention.

He glanced at the platform and stroked his beard, realizing it not a simple matter when the bone expose core mentioned.

Penetrated, Immortal Daoxuan learned a little about Ye Chen over the competition. Did he, a strong-willed disciple, need to advance by virtue of the core?

"Junior martial sister Chu, and junior martial brother Wind, what do you think?" Immortal Daoxuan turned to Chu Xuan and Traceless Wind.

"It\'s weird and I suggest pause." Traceless Wind replied.

"So do I." Chu Xuan murmured, and hoped to save Ye Chen even though he took the core. She was surprised by his talent, and did not want to him to be ruined in the fight.

"Alright, pause the fight…"

However, a mock interrupted Immortal Daoxuan.

"Senior martial brother, you have a bias for Ye Chen." Ge Hong\'s old face looked hideous.

"Ge Hong, what do you mean?" Immortal Daoxuan glimpsed at him, sulky.

"Nothing." Ge Hong scoffed, "Sect master sends you to supervise the competition. You cannot cheat!"

"Senior martial brother Ge\'s words make sense." Immortal Qingyang uttered, "It\'s unfair to stop the battle because of a groundless guess."

Zhao Zhijing glanced at Immortal Daoxuan, answering in an eerie tone, "I don\'t object your decision. But Ye Chen needs to admit his defeat first."

The three elders, enemies of Ye Chen, endeavored to corner Ye Chen to death.

Immortal Daoxuan looked more sullen.

Though the supervisor of the competition as he was, he could not make the decision himself due to a proofless estimation.

"Ye Chen, claim your defeat!" Chu Xuan responded before Immortal Daoxuan\'s decision, "You\'re my disciple even if you lose today."