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Blood painted the platform.

Backing, Ye Chen was hunted by Zishan and nearly ripped by him.

"True fire, refine the ferocious vital energy!" Ye Chen summoned his thought, and called the fire to protect the meridians of his heart.

The true fire rushed into all his meridians, enwrapped his bones, and surrounded the ferocious vital energy with thousands of wisps.

His true fire did not fail him, and prevented the wild spiritual energy before the attack of heart meridian.

The powerful fire enveloped the vital energy, and infused all the essence from its crazy refinement into Ye Chen\'s huge elixir sea.

Ye Chen was feeble.

He could not exert even one third of his fighting capability; he suffered from one hit of Zishan and continuous wounds; the crazy spiritual energy snapped many meridians and bones.



The sword in Zishan\'s hand was dyed by Ye Chen\'s blood, and Zishan still attacked wildly.

Zishan did not leave any time for Ye Chen to counterattack, drawing lessons from the fight between Ye Chen and Jiang Hao. It would be disastrous for Zishan if Ye Chen revived. "Senior martial sister Qi, how\'s Ye Chen\'s body?" Xiong\'er and Tang Ruxuan looked at Qi Yue.

"He has taken the bone expose core." Qi Yue answered in a deep voice. As the chief disciple of the Spirit Core Pavilion, she was sensitive to cores, and realized the reason leading the bad condition of Ye Chen\'s body.

"Bone expose core?" Amazed, Xiong\'er asked, "What is it?"

"It\'s used to cure wounds." Qi Yue explained, "And it\'s also one of the best to heal injuries. Ye Chen\'s quick recovery resulted from the core. But it has a big shortcoming."


"Anyone taking the core cannot apply too much of his spiritual energy. Otherwise, the wild vital energy carried by the core will break his meridians and bones, and the one will die from body explosion. "

"Damn it!" Xiong\'er shrieked, "Is Ye Chen crazy! He dares to take this core, and apply his vital energy. He asks for death!"

"It\'s not that simple." Lu Xuan from the Books Pavilion replied deeply, and signaled everyone to look at Ye Chen, "From his expression, I suppose he may not know its potential shortcoming."

"Or he may not know that the core he has taken is the bone expose core." Wang Lin, the chief disciple from the Spirit Fruits Garden guessed.

"Perhaps he doesn\'t know he has taken the core." The prediction of Xiao Jing, the chief disciple from the Regulation Hall, startled everyone.

Others got the hang of his meaning, that being said, Ye Chen had been plotted! Nobody would take the core at the risk of losing his life.

"Senior martial sister Qi, is Ye Chen in danger?" As Tang Ruxuan asked, other disciples flicked their looks at Ye Chen.

Qi Yue shook her head, "It\'s hard to say. Ye Chen must have taken an inferior one. If he took a superior one, he would die in body blast the moment he applied his vital energy. Now, he is in a poor state."

"He will lose life if the fight continues!" Xiong\'er bounced up and down anxiously.