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"Yin Zhiping is stronger than him, but was defeated. Zishan\'s lose is no doubt."

"It\'s his fate."

The battle turned to be hot-white and fierce in the discussion.

Weaker than Yin Zhiping, Zishan used multiple mystiques that trapped Ye Chen, and left many bloody wounds on his body.

However, Zishan was more awkward, with palm and foot prints all over and a bleeding hole on chest resulted from Ye Chen\'s Yiyang Finger.


Zishan screamed, and lost his advantage at the two hundredth move.

"I need to save my time." Ye Chen thrust one sword, and infused torrential vital energy into his palm. Dragon moan arose.

"He uses the powerful mystique again."

"Can Zishan defend against it?"

Zishan also took action; he moved over half spiritual energy from his elixir field into his palm covered by spirit light.

Ye Chen frowned when he was about to use the Dragon Kang.

A gust of wild vital energy surged in his body, and hit his bones and meridians, so that the rolling spiritual energy on his palm scattered.


He coughed up blood, stunning the onlookers.

"What\'s up?"

"Why he vomits blood?"

"I sense his chaotic vital energy."


Ye Chen coughed up blood again in surprises. The wild spiritual energy snapped one meridian and several bones. What was worse, his messy vital energy found it difficult to gather.

"Bone Expose Core." Xu Fu penetrated Ye Chen\'s problem.

"Is he insane?" Pang Dahai, the chief master from the Treasures Pavilion, cursed secretively.

"He dared to apply mystiques after taking the core! Ask for death!" Zhou Dafu, the chief master from the Spirit Tools Pavilion, knitted his eyebrows.

"Junior martial sister?" Immortal Daoxuan looked at Chu Xuan.

"How can I ask him to take that?" Brows scrunching up, she looked sullen for her first time, aware of the powerful effect of the core.

Ge Hong, Zhao Zhijing and Immortal Qingyang revealed unnoticeable eerie smiles, and seemed to know Ye Chen\'s condition earlier.

"Go to death!" Zishan snarled on the platform.

He did not know why something wrong went with Ye Chen\'s body either. He must grasp the golden chance.

He intended to counterattack with marvelous moves, but gave up the plan because of Ye Chen\'s chaotic vital energy. He mustered all of his spiritual energy and pounded at once.


Blood splashed the platform. Struck by Zishan, Ye Chen flew backwards, and landed on the platform, bleeding.

"What\'s going on?" He staggered up, and eyes were bloodshot.

"Why my body becomes ferocious?"

"It is not the demonic energy."

"Someone trapped me!" Ye Chen discovered the reason immediately. He must have been plotted against while in a deep slumber in the Qian Kun Pavilion.

"Who did this?" He vomited blood with icy looks.

The violent spiritual energy disturbed his true energy, prevented him from drawing up strength, and ran wildly to explode his body.


Sword vibrated, and Zishan lunged forwards.

Ye Chen struggled to move, to deflect with the Crimson Cloud Sword, and dodged with the Fast Virtual Shadow. He was out of state with a plummeting speed and moves in disorder. Each time he took one step, one more bloody cut showed. Now, it was graver than the fight between Jiang Hao and him.