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"I know it must be Zishan." A stir arose in the Qian Kun Pavilion.

"Ye Chen met Yin Zhiping, Jiang Hao and Xie Yun. All of his opponents are lineal disciples ranking top ten. He even encounters Zishan in the repechage. His road to the inner school is not smooth."

"He is just unlucky."

"What a misfortune that your rival is also a lineal disciple in the repchage." Immortal Daoxuan shook head on the cloud cluster hopelessly.

"Luck is also a part of your capability." Chu Xuan smiled, and held confidence in Ye Chen, without any worries.

Ye Chen walked up to the platform slowly.

Though unexpectedly, he was content to have Zishan as his rival, so that he could vent his anger.

Both Immortal Qingyang and Zishan looked sullen.

Ye Chen defeated Yin Zhiping and Jiang Hao even injured. His fighting ability must be above Zishan\'s.

Dismayed, Zishan never imagined confronting Ye Chen in the repechage.

"Come on! Let\'s vent the new and old angers." Ye Chen looked up at Immortal Qingyang, and lowered his head at Zishan.

"Arrogant."Enraged by Ye Chen\'s defiance, Zishan leapt on the platform, and applied mystiques.

Wind and Cloud Howl!

As Zishan yelled, a purple hurricane emerged, swept across the clouds and darted towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen sneered. His vital energy careered out of elixir field. The Crimson Cloud Sword showed up in his hand, glimmered and ripped the purple hurricane.

Xuan Light Link!

The link lunged towards Ye Chen.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

As Ye Chen launched forward, his palm clattered Zishan\'s.


Zishan was pushed back by the force, and at a disadvantageous position.

Mountain Wrestle Fist!

Ye Chen like a tiger threw himself upon Zishan without leaving him time to defend.

Zishan infused rolling vital energy into his palm, and created a spirit light shield before him.



The shield was hit broken by Ye Chen\'s palm. Zishan backed while just steadying himself.

"You\'re not Yin Zhiping\'s equal." Scoffing, Ye Chen pounced upon Zishan.

Zishan stepped back rapidly after suffering the punch, and did not dare to approach Ye Chen in case of defeat, aware of his powerful close fighting skill.

Rock Sword!

Zishan bit his finger, and pressed his palm on the platform.



Immediately, the platform buzzed, and whistling stone swords shot towards Ye Chen.

"I underestimate you." Ye Chen paced back, and brandished the vibrating Crimson Cloud Sword at a fast rage. The Tiangang Sword Formation came into being.




Metal clattering, the stone swords hit on the formation, and deflected.

Crimson Cloud Sword Knack!

Zishan attacked again with a mystique. His spirit sword droned, and pierced the air with its sharp thunder-like light.


Ye Chen fished out Tianque Sword, and placed it before him to ward off the attack.


Another ear-splitting metal clatter sounded. Ye Chen paced back, though succeeding in his defense. He could have been wounded but for his solid and thick sword.



They fought closely with adroit moves. Their spirit swords buzzed, and mystiques and shadows never ceased. It was even hard to tell who the winner would be after a hundred moves in this combat in full swing.

"Zishan is likely to lose." Some disciples under the platform predicted.