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Chapter 202: Repechage (2)

Translator: Huiting Teng Editor: Lucy

Xie Yun nodded and gulped a mouth of liquor, furious, “I was not inferior to him, but just unlucky. If the competition had not been held on a cloudy day, I would have won.”

“What’s the relationship between your lose and the weather? Don’t find excuses for your defeat.”

“You’re so ignorant.” Xie Yun cursed, “The last move decided the result of our fight. And my mystique needed sunlight, however, it was cloudy. My mystique did not exert half of its power.”

“Fate, it’s your fate.” Ye Chen returned Xie Yun’s words to him with a sincerity.

“Yeah, it’s my fate.” Xie Yun sighed, and took pleasure of Huo Teng’s misfortune while looking at him, “Huo Teng was more miserable than me.”

“Why?” Ye Chen flicked a glimpse at Huo Teng and turned to Xie Yun.

“Huo Teng’s opponent was Kong Cao from the Diyang Peak. Their fight was fierce, but Huo Teng’s purple gold hammer exploded at the last moment and he flew away in the blast. Kong Cao won without applying his final move. Ridiculous, isn’t it?”

“Yep.” Ye Chen sighed.

“Huo Teng defeated Zishan from the Diyang Peak, and vented his anger.” Xie Yun held a liquor bottle gourd, “Watch out Kong Cao, if you enter the inner school. He is a good plotter. And the former chief disciple Zuo Qiuming from the Regulation Hall is also a villain.”

“I see.” Ye Chen nodded.

“I’m not kidding.” Xie Yue complained for Ye Chen’s carelessness, “The winners of the competition have to pass the test in the wilderness, if they want get enrolled by the inner school.”

“Of course, I know. Skill traps, demonic beasts, puppets and hunt from the disciples of the inner school are set there.”

“That’s the point. Jiang Yang, Kong Cao and Zuo Qiuming have been selected to participate to test us in the wilderness. The union of them does us no good.”

Ye Chen’s eyebrows knitted.

He did not consider that without Xie Yun’s reminder. The three extraordinary disciples must advance a lot over the three-year cultivation in the inner school. If he would meet them, he would suffer a lot in the wilderness due to his feud with the Renyang Peak, the Diyang Peak and the Regulation Hall.

“God bless! I hope you and I are in a team.” Xie Yun patted Ye Chen’s shoulder.

Ye Chen could not agree more. The test in the wilderness examined their teamwork. If Xie Yun, Huo Teng and him would be in a team, they would surely get the chance to enter the inner school.

Everything was not decided yet, any misfortune might occur. Ye Chen stroked his chin.

He looked at the platform again.

The repechage was fiercer and longer than his expectation. The smooth and tough platform was reddened by blood and bumpy due to the powerful mystiques.

As night faded, the repechage came to its end.

“Am I the last one?” Mumbling, Ye Chen looked up at the giant compass.

It cast a spiritual flash on him squarely, as if understanding him. He smiled coldly when catching his sight of his opponent.

Opposite him was Zishan, Ye Chen’s rival.