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Ji Ningshuang?

Ye Chen scrunched up his eyebrows while hearing the name.

To his surprise, a Xuan spirit disciple from the Zhengyang Sect reappeared, and the one was his ex-lover.

"She possesses a Xuan spirit body?" He whispered, eyes glinting and facial expression changing.

"Awaken recently?"

"Not a hint was found before."

"That\'s why she progresses rapidly."

"The disciple is awesome." Xie Yun clicked his tongue, "She won the chance to enter the inner school with an absolute advantage in the competition of outer school of the Zhengyang Sect. A lineal disciple from the Tianzhu Peak was beaten to cough up blood by her. So powerful!"

Silent, Ye Chen was hard to accept that his past lover bearing the legendary talent.

"Xuan spirit body! I suppose the Zhengyang Sect will defeat the Qingyun Sect and our sect in the competition in three months."

"We\'re two worlds apart." A mock etched across Ye Chen\'s mouth corner.

He was certain that even if his elixir field had not been broken, they would have broken up.

Ji Ningshuang, the proud girl with a Xuan spirit body, would patronize him, a former cultivator at the human core stage.

In the splendid and cruel world of cultivation, cultivators sought matched lovers.

Darkness descended.

The third round of competition ended, as Xiao Jing, the chief disciple from the Execution Hall, hit a disciple from the Tianyang Peak off the platform with his eight diagram links.

Many disciples straightened their bodies while sitting, waiting for the coming repechage.

On the cloud cluster, Immortal Daoxuan cast one spiritual flash into the giant compass and announced faintly.

"The repechage begins now."


The compass started to spin slowly.

Two traces of spirit light shone down westwards and eastwards, where a disciple from the Books Pavilion and one from the Spirit Fruit Garden stayed.

They bounced up the platform and prepared to fight.

Both of them tried their best in the battle with continuous mystique application, cherishing the solely chance for the repechage.


The disciple from the Books Pavilion thrust his sword, and his rival fell off the platform.

The following combats were fierce and bloody, where blood splashed the platform. Each disciple spared no pains in the fight, preferring to strive for a chance to enter the inner school rather than stay in the outer school for another three years.

"All of them are excited today." Drunken Xie Yun sighed over the battles.

"Not everyone is so calm as you are." Ye Chen rolled his eyes at Xie Yun angrily.

"Damn it!" Xie Yun disagreed with Ye Chen, "Most of them take part in the competition for their first time and still have the chance for repechage. I lost accidentally in the last competition, but survived the three years."

Ye Chen was curious, "Who defeated you last time?"

"Jiang Yang." Xie Yun gnashed his teeth and looked at the direction of the Renyang Peak, "He was the former first lineal disciple of the Renyang Peak. You\'re familiar with his cousin."

"Jiang Hao?"