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He sighed that some unknown disciples in the outer school was extraordinarily powerful. One disciple with a common cultivation base defeated a disciple ranking the top ten.

"So many talents in the outer school." Ye Chen was stunned.

He glanced at the cloud cluster many times and was delighted when seeing Ge Hong and Immortal Qingyang\'s aged faces.

Half of their lineal disciples were maimed by Ye Chen. Especially Immortal Qingyang, his first lineal disciple—Jiang Hao was beaten up by him and his other lineal disciples rarely won.

Ge Hong was no better than Immortal Qingyang. Zishan, his first lineal disciple lost and few of his other lineal disciples triumphed.

As chief masters, their disgrace was complete.

When Ye Chen looked at them, they also flicked a vicious look at him. They suffered such a great loss and became the laughing stock of the Hengyue Sect because of him.

"You\'re so arrogant." Ye Chen scoffed.

"Boy, please don\'t find trouble for me!" A faint female voice came into Ye Chen\'s ears.

Astounded, Ye Chen raised head and looked at Chu Xuan, who was gazing at him angrily, "I don\'t want to have too many enemies after claiming you as my disciple."

"It\'s not my fault." Ye Chen rubbed his ears, as if having nothing to do with Ge Hong and Immortal Qingyang\'s furiousness.

"Behave yourself."

"I see."

He returned to his seat unhappily and remained orderly after the warning.

The night fell and spiritual pearls used for lighting rose high. The bustling third round lasted longer than expectation.

Ye Chen revived gradually as the competition came to its end.

He hoped not to be unlucky in the coming repechage.

"Hey, have you heard about a Xuan spirit disciple in the Zhengyang Sect?" Xie Yun nudged Ye Chen with his finger after long silence.

"Xuan spirit disciple?" Astonishment flickered in Ye Chen\'s eyes.

As the former information collector of the Zhengyang Sect, he was familiar with that, a branch of the God Clan. The one with Xuan spirit body was favored by the heavens. It was said that they possessed great treasure, powerful recuperation and profound skills in blood, once they were waken.

What\'s more, the one with the body could trigger the force of the heavens and earth, equaling the capability of a cultivator at the empty darkness stage.

One volume in the Information Hall of the Zhengyang Sect recorded that two thousand years ago, a Xuan spirit cultivator at the virtual spirit stage decapitated one at the virtual spirit stage, starling the Great Chu Empire.

Ye Chen never imagined that one more Xuan spirit cultivator appeared in the Zhengyang Sect!

"The disciple is called Ji Ningshuang. I\'ve never heard of the name before." Xie Yun spoke over Ye Chen\'s deliberation.

"Ji Ningshuang?"