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"I will kill you." A woman\'s voice broke the silence of the dark and serene demonic forest. The voice was wonderful but cold, implying a murderous intention.

In the cave, the lady in white lifted Ye Chen in the air and pinched his neck with her white fingers.

The poison of the powder dissolved, but she still flushed. It was hard for her to accept the fact that she and Ye Chen made love. She found the bloodstain on her dress dazzling. Not properly dressed, before straightening her clothes the lady could not suppress her intention to kill Ye Chen who took away her virginity.

"Can you be reasonable? You offered to come to me and were poisoned by the Albizia Flower Powder. It is me who saved you."

"Is it the reason that you snatched my virginity?" A cold look reflected in her misty eyes.

"You mad woman, I would not have saved you, if I had known you forgot favors and violated justice."

"Shut up."

"I won\'t. You were above me when we had the intercourse. I was lifted by you before I had time to react."

"You…" As her breast rose and fell sharply, the scene that the two made love floated in the girl\'s brain. Ye Chen was right, she was above him all the time.

Feeling ashamed, the girl flushed and pinched Ye Chen harder. If she exerted more strength, Ye Chen would die.

Outside the cave, a strong energy approached rapidly.

The girl suddenly turned back her head, and seemed to see three shadows from the entrance of the cave hidden by branches and leaves.

"Huo Du." She murmured coldly, with splendid flashes covering her body. The cave was shattered by a strong energy and even rumbled.

Ye Chen dropped on the ground as the girl waved her arm.

"I will give you a lesson after I return." She glimpsed at Ye Chen in hatred, flew out of the cave like a rainbow and left a glimmering rope inside the cave. Ye Chen was bound by the rope the second he stood up.

"Shit!" Rolling on the ground, he could not help scolding and tried his best to get rid of the rope.

"I need to find a way to leave here. The mad woman will revenge on me after she comes back." Ye Chen was anxious and he had no idea whether the girl would kill him or not.

At this risky moment, Ye Chen thought about the true fire in his elixir sea.

"Come on, help me."

The fire jumped out of his elixir sea and was divided into several wisps, entwining the glimmering rope.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this deep night, the girl and the three men began to battle in the sky. Though Ye Chen was far away from them, he could clearly see that a peak was pressed by a palm and collapsed. It was easy to topple mountains and overturn seas in a fight between masters.

"Chu Ling, are you going to struggle? Your efforts are in vain." The three men encircled the girl with nasty looks in their eyes.

"You plot against me, and I will make you pay for what you have done." The girl said in a sweet but cold tone. As Chu Ling\'s hands folded, rosy clouds gathered from four directions and turned into a giant holy lotus flower.

"You overestimate your strength." The young man in white robe was going to kill Chu Ling, but interrupted by the old man, "Numerous masters are coming to us."

"They are from Hengyue Sect."

"Let\'s go." The old man ordered.

The three left as quickly as they came, disappearing in the skyline in a second like three flashes of lights.


Coughing up blood, Chu Ling staggered and nearly fell from the sky.

"Chu Ling." Another lady arrived at Chu Ling\'s side instantly and supported her.

The coming lady was also in white, with rosy lights surrounding her. The purity made her look like a fairy descending to the earth as well as a blooming snow lotus flower. After seeing her face, one might lose his breath.

Surprisingly, the girl and Chu Ling were exactly alike.

They were twin sisters, the older one named Chu Xuan and younger one Chu Ling.

Undoubtedly, Chu Ling came from Hengyue Sect. If Ye Chen had known her identity, he might have vomited blood. How would Ye Chen behave if he saw her in the following days?

Maybe, he would meet Chu Xuan first.

As mysterious lights came incessantly, the masters at the level of virtual spirit stage arrived one after another and transfused their vital energy to Chu Ling after finding her feeble.

Chu Ling\'s breath steadied after a while.

"Senior brothers, you just go back to the sect first. I have another matter to handle." With her words finished, Chu Ling hastened to the cave directly as fast as a flash of light.

"Chu Ling, your wound…"

"It doesn\'t matter. Don\'t follow me."