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Zhao Kang. Ye Chen searched the guy\'s name from his memory. The former Zhao Kang treated Ye Chen respectfully; never spoke to him with sarcasm like now.


Ye Chen\'s thoughts were interrupted. Zhao Kang circled around Ye Chen, looked at him from head to toe, and said with a sipping tongue, "Senior brother Ye, how can you be in such a mess now? As your junior brother, I feel so pity for you!"

Ye Chen did not intend to say more and just walked away from Zhao Kang.

"Don\'t leave!" Zhao stepped in front of Ye Chen, waved the folding fan gently, and gazed at him mockingly.

"Get out of my way."

"What the hell are you? You dare to ask me to walk away." Zhao\'s smile dispersed suddenly, "You still think you remain the same as before?"

Ye Chen quivered, he wanted to refute, but could not open his mouth.

Zhao Kang separated his legs, and began to say, "If you want to leave, you need to crawl between my legs! Maybe I can grant you several spirit stones as travelling expenses."

"Zhao Kang." With a flicker of cold light in his gloomy eyes, Ye Chen replied and raised his head suddenly.

"Senior brother Zhao, you behave in such a…" A disciple among the crowd of onlookers muttered, and he wanted to fight injustice for Ye Chen. However, he could not say that confidently because of his weak cultivation base.

"Are you courting death?" Turing back and shouting, Zhao Kang glared at the disciple. Fearing Zhao\'s power, everybody kept silent.

After frightening the surrounding disciples, Zhao Kang caught a glimpse of Ye Chen, and sneered, "Ye Chen, will you crawl? I…"

Without the words finished, Zhao shut up, and found a beautiful image walking slowly towards them.

With filmy clothes dancing, and glowing black hair floating, the girl, whose pretty face was remarkable, looked like a fairy descending to the world without being secularized.

"It is senior sister Ji Ningshuang." A flash of light was captured in the disciples\' eyes.

With fire burning in male disciples\' eyes, their naked desire and adoration exposed. The beautiful lady from outer Zhengyang Sect was admired by all the male disciples.

Everyone in Zhengyang Sect knew that Ji Ningshuang was indifferent to everyone except Ye Chen. Only before Ye, did she reveal her tenderness. They were regarded as an ideal couple in Zhengyang Sect.

Naturally, that was the past.

Ye Chen was abject and proud Ji Ningshuang would never show her smiling face to him as before.

"Ji Ningshuang." Ye Chen muttered in hoarse voice, but could hardly be heard. With a complex look, he did not turn back

The girl had been the one he would like to guard all his life. Ji Ningshuang, who used to smile to him all day long, was cold and detached the moment his elixir broke and he lost cultivation base completely.

From that moment, Ye understood the so-called love and vows evaporated.

"Junior sister Ningshuang." Zhao Kang opened the folding fan in a brisk manner, and smiled to Ji, totally different from the former fierce-looking person.

Ji Ningshuang nodded politely to smiling Zhao Kang with an aloof look, as if no worldly disturbance could make the pool of her beautiful eyes ripple.

Although Ji Ningshuang sighed and felt pity for Ye Chen, she took a light step in front of him, and conveyed only indifference in her eyes, as if saying: we belonged to different worlds.

"Fare well." Ji said the simple sentence in heavenly voice but cold tone.

"What is your expression, pity?" Ye Chen bent down to pick up the backpack on the ground without glancing at Ji Ningshuang. Her partings lost warmth, and made Ye feel heart-broken.

Ji kept silent and felt absent-minded about their past love in an instant.

"I am leaving!" Ye Chen patted the dirt from the pack, turned away slowly and dragged heavy steps. His slender shadow seemed to be extremely lonely at this moonlit night.