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Everyone locked eyes at Ye Chen.

He covered his face with both hands.

How unlucky he was!

He defeated Yin Zhiping and Jiang Hao with all of his efforts, but encountered Xie Yun.

His competition was not smooth.

The compass chose him from the over a thousand participants to play tricks with him.

"He admits defeat this time?" Discussion arose under the platform.

"Will he beat up Xie Yun?"

"Impossible! Xie Yun reaches the true Yang stage."

Ye Chen cursed silently. He could not defeat Xie Yun even though he revived, let alone now.

"It\'s fate." Xie Yun breathed out some smoke with a cigarette in hand, and patted Ye Chen\'s shoulder with sincere words, "Take it easy!"

"Get the hell away! I don\'t want to speak with you."


The result of this fight was without suspense.

Though strong-willed as he was, Ye Chen put up his hands in the onlookers\' gazes. He gave up and prepared to take part in the repechage.

The competition continued after the interlude.

The subsequent battles were wonderful with constant climaxes.

The winners of the first two rounds of combat were outstanding with marvelous mystiques.

Immortal Daoxuan was relieved that not all the disciples ranking top ten were selected to meet their equal in the third round, where two strong fighters met sometimes.

Dispirited, Ye Chen cupped his head in his seat and watched the competition.

The refuel core did not revitalize him completely, since the fights with Jiang Hao and Yin Zhiping consumed too much of his energy.

"Spiritual herbs are ready. When shall we begin?" Xie Yun asked Ye Chen many times.

Ye Chen withdrew his sight from the platform and cast a confusing look at Xie Yun, "Why don\'t ask help from sect elder Xu Fu? He\'s professional!"

"Eh…" Xie Yun coughed hollowly and glimpsed at Xu Fu on the cloud cluster, "I\'m afraid he will beat me."

Ye Chen knitted his eyebrows, "Have you stolen cores from him?"

"No. That\'s Nonsense!"

"I don\'t believe that." Ye Chen squinted at Xie Yun and fixed his eyes on the platform again.

There, Qi Yue was fighting with a lineal disciple from the Books Pavilion.

Undoubtedly, she won. In the outer school, she was peerless, except the disciples ranking top ten.

Afterwards, Xiong\'er combated with a lineal disciple from the Regulation Hall.

Xiong\'er hit the disciple away with his mace and succeeded in gaining his victory, though inferior to the disciple.

"The fatty boy is awesome!" Ye Chen stroked his chin in surprise.

Other acquaintances of Ye Chen came to the platform to fight one after another, such as Tang Ruxuan, Qi Hao, Su Xinyue and Lu Xuan.

Ye Chen watched the fights with blazing eyes.