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The drunken youth woke up and looked at him up and down with his misty eyes in silence.

"Boy, you have true fire?"

Ye Chen was startled, since others barely knew about his true fire, including Chu Xuan. Unexpectedly, the young man penetrated the secret.

"No." Ye Chen shook head.


The young man swayed up and answered, "I can find someone to check you."


Ye Chen heaved the youth back in a hurry and found him as annoying as Xiong\'er, who once intended to ask Immortal Huangshi to test his true fire.

He feared that the youth would spread the news.

"See, you admit that!"

"I have. What\'s up?"

"Can you refine cores?" The young man regained composure and blinked at Ye Chen.

Frowning, Ye Chen glimpsed at him, "A little bit."

"Can you refine two-pattern cores?"

"I cannot. You can ask Xu Fu." Ye Chen waved head, "I\'m not professional."

"It doesn\'t matter. I have the recipe and prepare enough spiritual herbs for you. Try your best." The youth held Ye Chen\'s arm and dragged Ye Chen back, in case he slipped away.

"You have the recipe?" Ye Chen\'s eyes blazed.

As an alchemist, the recipe was valuable for him. Even so, he still found the drunkard reliable.

"Come, have a look at it." The young man opened his storage bag sneakily, afraid being seen by others.

Ye Chen lowered his head and peered inside, where a hide dotted with words stayed. But only the big characters--"Spiritual Core" could be recognized.

"You do have!"

"It\'s used for nurturing souls."

They chatted merrily, with their heads close, but appeared to be furtive in the eyes of others.

On the cloud cluster, Pang Dahai nudged sleepy Zhong Laodao and signaled him, "Your disciple is whispering with Ye Chen. What are they talking about?"

"Who knows?" Zhong Laodao folded his arms and closed eyes again.


A disciple from the Spirit Tools Pavilion was defeated by one from the Spirit Fruit Garden and fell off the platform.

Until now, the second round ended.

The third round started.


The giant compass spun and cast down two spiritual flashes.

They shone into the same direction as if having negotiated, where Ye Chen and the young man stood.


Xiong\'er saw that from afar and covered his face.

"Man proposes, God disposes." Qi Yue sighed.

"Ye Chen is strong, but unlucky!" Huo Teng felt pity for him.

"What a misfortune!" The sect elders such as Xu Fu, Zhou Dafu and Pang Dahai clicked their tongues.

"How unfortunate you are!" Chu Xuan lowered her head and rubbed her eyebrows.

Ye Chen and the youth stopped their merry chat and stared at each other.

"Ye Chen\'s opponent is Xie Yun, the top 1 disciple of the outer school."

"He is a real cultivator at the true Yang stage!"

"Ye Chen\'s rivals are all strong lineal disciples!"

In the discussion, Ye Chen fixed his eyes at Xie Yun and twitched his mouth, "You...you are Xie Yun? The No.1 disciple in the outer school?"

"You don\'t know me?"