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The giant compass rotated.

The competition continued.

The following hundreds of battles were wonderful but not so stimulating as that between Ye Chen and Jiang Hao.

Darkness grew as the competition proceeded.

As shiny spiritual pearls elevated above the four corners of the Qin Kun Pavilion, the dim heavens and earth were bright as if in the daytime.

According to the tradition, the competition would not pause no matter how long it lasted.

In the hall behind the pavilion lay Ye Chen on bed feebly, blood oozing from his wounds and reddening the sheet. Misery unfolded on his handsome and deathly-white face.

Chu Xuan came here to dredge his meridians and infused him with the spiritual medicine to cure him.

Afterwards, silence descended here.

A person in purple with a masked face like a ghost arrived at the pavilion. A chill flash flickered in his acrid eyes.

He looked around, fished out a core after confirming no one beside him, and thrust it into Ye Chen\'s mouth.

"You will die this time!" He sneered, twisted around and disappeared in the room like a gust of wind.

Ye Chen quivered all of a sudden.

A trace of ferocious energy swept across his body and returned to silence.

Three shichens later, Ye Chen opened his eyes slowly and sat up with a hand covering his forehead. As a disciple possessing strong recovery ability, his wounds healed and breath stabilized.

"Boy, you wake up." A sect elder from the Qin Kun Pavilion smiled nicely to him.

"Sect elder, is the competition over?" Ye Chen jumped off the bed.

"The second round is going on."

"Thank you, sect elder." He strode out of the room and headed towards the battle platform instead of bending to the sect elder.

The sect elder stroked his beard in surprise, "How powerful the boy\'s recuperation is! He revitalizes within three shichens! Unbelievable!"

Well done!

Good job!

Cheers filled under the platform.

The fighters on the platform were renowned in the Hengyue Sect: Huo Teng, the chief disciple from the Task Pavilion and Zishan, the first lineal disciple from the Diyang Peak.

The combat between two disciples both ranking top ten in the outer school caused a stir among the onlookers.

Huo Teng brandished the glistening purple gold hammer with a crash of thunders and beat Zishan backwards each time he moved, sharing the same forceful fighting strategy as Ye Chen\'.

Zishan was awkward.

Albeit a disciple ranking the top ten, he was inferior to Huo Teng.

As a bellow sounded, Huo Teng applied mystique and his hammer plunged. Zishan tried his best to ward off, but was struck by the hammer and kneeled down on the ground.

"Huo Teng wins."

Immortal Daoxuan\'s voice sounded through the whole pavilion. Zishan had to continue his fight in the repechage.

The compass rolled again and the second round continued. Ye Chen hastened to walk towards his seat breathlessly.

Other disciples were astounded to see his return.

"He recovers so soon! How unimaginable!"

"His wounds are healed, but his breath is weak."

Ye Chen swiped off his warm sweat next to his seat, neglecting other\'s astonishment.

When he sat down, he found an eerie look next to him.